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Everyone who already has kids, or even the people who are still single or don’t have children yet, know that parenthood is a challenging thing and every help offered is not to be denied, every advice may not be but taken, but at least heard and every piece of information is important in order to get to be a better parent and feel comfortable with it.

We at understand the need of every parent to be informed as percise as possible, as they are now making a choice not only for themselves, but for their babies too. We have put our best efforts to help parents with toddler and baby or twins to make an informed choice when on the hunt for the best double stroller to suit their needs.

We at have carefully selected the best double strollers available on todays current markets. Each and every double stroller on our site has been purchased by us, and put through vigorous tests to ensure that the strollers are not only safe for your youngsters travelling, but we also care about their and your own comfort as well. These days, the best double strollers come in all different shapes and sizes and for all different occasions. The variety is so big, that there are strollers more suitable for families living in a warm climate and the ones that have rough winters. There are double strollers that would be the perfect fit for active and outdoors loving parents and, of course there are double strollers that would suit better families who live in the cities and use the public transport quite often.
Whether you are taking the little ones for a morning jog, or out to the stores, there seems to be a double stroller for any occasion. Our job is to locate the correct double stroller that suits your requirements and give you as much information as possible in our very detailed reviews to ensure you make the correct choice for you and your family.

When it comes to double strollers, there are many different types and brands, and selecting the correct one can be a difficult decision based on the age gap between the kids. A lot of double strollers nowadays have the option to adjust themselves as and when the kids grow, basically, the stroller grows with them, ensuring you don’t need to purchase a different stroller as the little ones become older. We have tried to organize the different types of double strollers and this way help the parents of twins or babies with an age gap to narrow down their choice between the different brands.


Twin strollers are obviously designed for families with twins, which means that the babies are the same age. The twin strollers can be side-by-side double strollers, meaning that the two seats for the kids are located next to each other or the seats can be located one behind another.
When going for a side-by-side twin stroller you have to be aware that the width of the stroller is bigger than a single one or a twin stroller where the seats are located behind one and another. There are twin strollers available on the market that are known as travel systems and designed to grow with the babies. These double strollers are capable of fitting two car seats for newborn twins and then the car seats can be swapped for seats suited for toddlers.

The important thing to look out for when you are searching for the best twin stroller is to have in mind the area where you live and you will be taking the babies out for a afternoon stroll. In this sense, the type of tires for the double strollers is one of the biggest things to decide on, as this is what assures the comfort of, not only you, but your littles one too. Pushing the weight of two kids is not easy at the best of times for most parents and especially for grandparents, so a double twin stroller with a nice set of wheels and tyres is a must.
The overall weight of the double twin stroller and the easiness to fold it and unfold it is yet another important factor to lookout for as this only adds up to the already difficult task to take the two babies out and about with you. The good news is that there are a lot of great top brands of double stroller makers that offer comfortable and lightweight twin double strollers, so you really have a choice to pick the best one to suit your needs. Some brands are of course more expensive than others, so your budget sometimes plays a big role when choosing the best twin double stroller.

We have tried different twin double strollers, ranging from one of the most innovative and expensive twin strollers like the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller and Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller with 2 Car Seats through midrange price tagged ones like Joovy and Babytrend, to a budget twin double strollers from the great European brand such as Chicco.

Double Umbrella Strollers

The double Umbrella Strollers are the lightest version of every double stroller. They are called Umbrella strollers because of the way they collapse that resembles a lot the way you would fold an umbrella. A double umbrella stroller is a great choice when you are looking for a lightweight double stroller that is easy to fold and unfold and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. However, although the double umbrella strollers have these advantages in comparison to any other double stroller type, they also have their disadvantages. Being so lightweight sometimes means that you can't fit heavier toddlers in them and you can compromise the comfort of your little ones. So when you have decided on a double umbrella stroller, but you are still hesitant about which one of the ones available on the market is the right for you, always look for the weight allowance each seat can carry and the height of the seat - how high the back recline is and what the height is between the seat and the top of the canopy.

There is also another thing you need to be aware of, as it is one of the main characteristics of the double umbrella strollers and these are the wheels. Usually, double umbrella strollers come with small wheels ranging from 6 to 9 inches. They are most often plastic and if you have been unlucky to have one of your wheels to pop then you should be ready to get it replaced.

The smaller wheels are usually working great for parents who live in the city, where they do not have to cover any large grass areas. The good thing about double umbrella strollers, apart from their really lightweight, easy fold and maneuverability is the fact that they usually come with a pretty decent price tag.

If you are on a budget and you need a double stroller, that may be the price of the umbrella strollers will be the thing to make you want to find out more about them. We have in our arsenal of double umbrella strollers some really affordable, fantastic models from Chicco, to some way more expensive from Mclaren for instance and of course, everything in between as we also keep adding the best versions as and when a newer model hits the shelves.

Double jogging strollers

The double jogging strollers, as their name suggests are meant for active parents who would like to keep fit and be able to take their little ones for a ride while they are jogging. What makes the double jogging strollers able to keep up with the parents tempo are the wheels and durability. Usually the double jogging strollers are fitted with bigger, air filled tires that allow faster paced walks and can cope with all terrains. The double jogging strollers are usually sturdier and because of the bicycle-like tires they offer a greater comfort for the little passengers, even when the parents are running. Of course, all this doesn’t mean that if you are not jogging, you can't go for a double jogging stroller.

The double jogging strollers are a great choice for parents who live near the beach or even for ones located in the snowy states as these type of double strollers really have the ability to cope with all kind of terrains, from sandy beaches to snowy roads. Another thing to look for if you are searching for the best double jogging stroller and you really intend to use it for jogging with your babies is the braking system. The break should be comfortable for you, so bare in mind that some double jogging strollers come with hand break and this might be the thing to win you over.

The double jogging strollers are a great fit also for parents of kids with an age gap. Due to the additional sturdiness of this type of double stroller, they are quite often chosen because of their ability to fit older kids or heavier toddlers. Once again, when on the hunt for the best double jogging stroller, you should check out the maximum weight each seat can take. When going for a jog with your little ones, you would probably need to carry some more items, apart from the usual ones for your kids when out for a walk, so the storage space is important. Usually, the double jogging strollers offer quite a lot of storage space and some models even come with cup holders or parents organizers and even trays for the kids. We all know that the price sometimes narrows down your choice, therefore, we have tested double jogging strollers of different price ranges and brands. We have also tested a few strollers of this type, where the kids seats are located one behind another, so you might be interested in our full reviews of these double strollers if getting through narrow spaces is crucial for you.

Bike trailers for kids

As much as you love your children, bringing them into the world can put a sudden holt into your bike riding, maybe for over 5 or 6 years until they become old enough to come along with their own bicycles, and even then, your bike rides will be limited until the children become older and stronger.

The bottom line is nowadays, you do not need to wait until your children reach older ages before you can take them out into the big wide world and explore nature while you are bike riding. You see, there are a wide range of bike trailers for kids, that you can purchase, and add to the back your bike to enable your to take the kids along for the ride. The bike trailers are designed to hold 2 children from the age of 3 upwards to around 6 (until they are old enough to ride their own bicycles.

Bike trailers for kids are a great idea for those parents that like to get out and about and want to spend their precious time with kiddies, show them the “real” world. There can be no better time spent, teaching and showing the little ones, mother nature. Not only will it help the children become more confident, but it will also help them learn about the great outdoors. Anything is better than having them look at the TV or computer screen all day! Another great thing to point out is us parents can hardly find the time to exercise with one child, let alone two, and the bike trailer for kids definitely helps in that department as towing them along for a few kilometers and few times a week will help you blow away the cobwebs and help you to keep fit. Exercising while having the kids experience the open air and beautiful scenery has to be one of the best ways to get the best out of both worlds.

The bike handling will take some getting use to once the kids are safely strapped in the bike trailer. The extra weight can be troublesome when taking corners, so it is extremely important to slow down when coming into bends and turns. Obviously the bike and trailer become longer and heavier, so it might be a good idea to ride round the block with the bike trailer and kids, just as a guide to see your limitations, as you wouldn’t want to fatigue miles from home, so we advise taking shorter journeys and build it up over weeks and months.

Speaking from experience, generally, motorists and fellow cyclists on the road will give you right of way, so there shouldn’t be any issues when you are riding through small spaces with the children onboard. We would strongly recommend buying helmets for the children, and in some states, the law insists. We also know accidents can happen, so it's always better to be safe than sorry. Bike trailers for kids generally cost been a hundred dollars and up to five hundred bucks. There are a lot of different bike trailers for kids on the market, and we have reviewed each and everyone, and we only add the best one to our site, you can be sure that if we have added it to our site, then the biker trailer is one of the best, safest trailers out there to take your precious children out with you.

Sit and Stand strollers

Most of the double strollers we have discussed have been for children with only a few years difference between them. With Sit and Stand strollers it is slightly different as they are designed to accommodate siblings that have a larger age gap between them. Sit and Stand strollers are perfectly named as the youngest child is designed to sit and be pushed around, while the older sibling has the option to stand on the back of the stroller or walk as normal. This is a great feature for parents that have children around 3-5 years between them as the youngest is still too small to walk and the eldest can choose the walk or ride.

Most sit and stand strollers are really easy to fold away when they are not being used, especially compared to other double strollers that weight a lot and can be cumbersome when it comes to storing them. The main advantage of sit and stand strollers comes with the eldest child being able to be independent while the baby rides in the seat. For those that have had children, know that there comes a time when your toddler becomes tired from all the running about, and feels they cannot walk anymore. With the sit and stand strollers, there is no need for you to figure out a way of carrying them while pushing the stroller, simply, let them stand on the back while you push both of them. Yet another great thing about these strollers is the fact there are relatively cheap compared to twin and side by side double strollers.
We have tried to organize these few main categories in order to help you find the right double stroller for you. However, there are a lot of different brands of double strollers that can not be underlined into just one category as they feature some of the main characteristics of two categories for instance. This is absolutely normal, as all big brands in the sphere are competing to offer a product that actually features all the advantages and everything that parents would need.

We do not think that this is completely possible, as there are so many different parents with different children that they can find the double stroller that is right for them only if they have been researching a little bit. That is why we have tried to cover as many models possible and we will keep doing it.

We have also made a buying guide where we point out in details every main feature of a double stroller, so that you could actually get perfect idea of which one would be the right for you. There are so many factors to consider, especially when it comes to a double strollers, as you have to think of the comfort of both of your children (and that we all know is hard when they have age gap), but also of your own comfort. This is an important choice as well for parents who get help from grandparents or babysitters, as you really do not want to put them off, just because they cannot deal with the stroller.

We have also organised the double strollers by brands, for those parents who have been super happy with their choice of single stroller and now want to go for the same brand, but the model designed for two babies.

We are a team of moms that have been through quite a lot, as every mom is and we have just decided to help out all the parents of a growing family by giving them as much information as possible about one of the most expensive assets of a parent - the stroller. In order to prevent any parent of two kids or more, we decided to create this site and only place the best double strollers on here, hopefully it will help you find the best stroller for you and your family.


Do you fancy going on a bike ride but you have two young children and you do not know how to bring them along for the ride? Well wonder no more! We review the best bike trailer for kids here at

There are quite a few brands that offer bike trailer for kids and they include Joovy, Instep, Schwinn and Thule. We have handpicked the best ones and wrote a detailed review of each to ensure you make the best choice for you and your children when purchasing an enclosed double stroller.

There are many factors to bear in mind when choosing your bike trailer and the most important being your childrens safety. All our bike trailer for kids are selected from the three most important factors, safety, comfort and durability. Please click the banner below for all our bike trailer for kids.

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