TheBaby Jogger City Mini Double is one of the best double strollers available right now due to its lightweight, easy fold and the comfort it brings to babies and parents at the same time. It is actually the same City Mini that you might already know, but made to carry two babies side-by-side.




You would probably think that the major issue with side-by-side double strollers is getting through doors and you might be right, but not with this City Select double stroller. It is only 30 inches wide and it would fit easily through any standard size door. What also adds to the compact size of the City select Double Stroller and places it in the list of best double strollers is its weight. With a frame made out of lightweight aluminium, the City Mini weighs 27 lbs, which is a great number when talking about double strollers.

So far we have a lightweight and compact double stroller and how about adding an easy fold to it? The City Double Stroller, same as the single version of the product comes with a patented “Quick-Fold” technology, and it is advertised as a one hand fold, but you should be prepared that you will need both of your hands to do that.



Do not get disappointed yet, it is still super easy, as all you need to do is unsnap the two safety straps on both sides of the frame and then pull the seat straps up..and there you go, the City Mini Double Stroller is folded. The best thing is that you can actually use the two seat straps to lift it up when storing it in a trunk for example and by the way, the City Mini is compact enough to fit even into smallest trunks. It is only 12 inch high when folded and you have the option to lock it in position for even easier transportation.



You might start thinking now that all this thing with the compact size might not make your babies feel comfortable in the seats, but you will be wrong. This City Select jogging stroller sports two 12 inch wide seats with a 19 ½ inch seatback that can hold up to 100 lbs all together. Basically, you can use the stroller until your little ones get to around five years old. The seats are nicely padded and fitted with a 5 point harness belt to ensure the safety of the little travellers. Both seats recline up to 150 degrees, which is not fully flat, but still close enough and comfortable enough for the babies to have a nice nap while mom is on the go. The adjustment of the recline is with an easy strap system and you also can pull up or down the fabric on the back of the seat in order to get the air flowing in a warm day or prevent your babies from the wind on a colder days.





Now we came to the best ever feature of the City select Double Stroller that definitely blows the competition out of the water and makes it the one of the best strollers for 2 kids on the market due to its canopies! The Stroller is equipped with two separate massive canopies! Each one of them has 3 levels of unfolding and 2 peek-a-boo windows. Imagine how big they are if they have two windows each.



I have mentioned before that the small canopies are an issue with even the best double strollers and almost every brand, but City Select are the one's that has overcome this problem by offering canopies that will actually protect your babies from the sun and if your kids are smaller they will even be in the shade from head to toe.



As they say, you can't have it all, so the trade off for the great canopies is the handlebar that does not adjust at all. It stands at 41 inch from the ground and is a perfect fit for parents who are no taller than 6’0. So if you are taller, than you might want to test the stroller, before you buy.

Another thing that I am not impressed with is the storage bin. It is big and you can fit quite a lot in it, but it is hardly accessible even when the seats are in an upright position and absolutely impossible to access with the seats reclined. I actually use it to fit in only small items, so that I can then take them out a bit easier.


The foot brake is located just under the storage bin and amazingly it is not so hard to pull it up or down, but if you are not as tall, you need to be careful not to tip the stroller while reaching for the brake.




What makes it up for this little design downfalls is the maneuverability of the stroller. It is so easy to push the stroller, that you can even take turns with one hand...well if you are carrying 5 year old toddlers, may be you will need both of your hands to maneuver, but it is still super easy.

The City select Double Stroller is equipped with four 8 inch wheels, as the front ones have a suspension system and a swiveling option. You can lock them straight for longer and faster walks. Although, the wheels are not all-terrain, you can easy handle gravel and walks in the city or the park, however the ride for the little ones might not be as comfortable.


Another great feature that makes the Double Stroller one of the best is the adapter you can get separately to fit car seat in and turn your stroller into a travel system. You will be able to fit only one infant car seat at a time, but the range of brands that it will accept is quite big. It includes Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Britax Companion, and almost all Graco and Evenflo models.


If you are looking for a compact, lightweight and easy to fold double stroller, then City select Double Stroller should definitely be on your shopping list. What makes it a great stroller are the massive canopies, the great maneuverability and the comfortable side-by-side seats for the little ones. Despite the few design flaws, you will be happy with the it as it is just one of the types that you can quickly pop out to the grocery store with and take your two little ones with you.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double stroller is the latest model the brand has released in 2016 and it is one of the best double strollers you could possibly find. It combines all the great features of the City Mini Double and the discontinued already City Elite Double, both of them great strollers, but with their own minuses that Baby Jogger has tried to address with the release of City Select Double stroller. Let’s dig deeper into the features and find out if there is any cons left to deal with in the best double stroller titled City Mini GT Double stroller 2016 model.




The City Mini Double is known as one of the most lightweight and compact side-by-side double strollers available, while the City Elite Double is the all-terrain, luxurious model released by Baby Jogger. The City Select Double Stroller released in 2016 combines the compact size of the City Mini and the all-terrain feature of the City Elite, so you have a comfortable and babies and parents-friendly product that completely deserves to be titled as best double stroller.



The first thing I will start with is the fact that the City Select Double Stroller is 30 inches wide what makes possible fitting the stroller through any standard size door. I am sure you would say that if a side-by-side double stroller can fit through standard size door, then the seats are not big enough and the comfort of your babies is jeopardised. The thing is that City Select Double Stroller comprises of two 12 inch seats that are not only wide and roomy, but also high and sturdy enough to easily carry two 5 year old toddlers with a combined weight of up to 100 lbs. As we are still talking about the seats, let me tell you that this is one of the two best features that the City Select Double Stroller has inherited by the City Elite Double.

They are nicely plush padded, very comfortable and the fabric is machine washable. The seats are also equipped with an adjustable 5 point harness with shoulder covers and buckle pad that can become a 3 point one when the children are older. The recline of the seats is individual of up to 150 degrees, which is nearly fully flat recline and it is easily done with the adjustment of a strap. To keep the air flowing on a warm day, all you need to do is pull up the fabric at the back of each seat.

The seats are equipped as well with huge canopies with three levels of unfolding that can be adjusted individually and have two peek-a-boo windows each. Baby Jogger has nailed it with the canopies size and it is great to know that your little ones can actually be sun protected, without the need of getting an additional sunshade.


The City Mini has a few design flows that baby Jogger has addressed and now the City Mini Double GT Double Stroller comprises of an adjustable handlebar (now dad and grandparents can not complain about feeling uncomfortable pushing the stroller) a hand brake, so you can stop worrying about hitting it by accident as sometimes happens with a foot brake and easily accessible storage bin.



With a comfortable seats, huge canopies, adjustable handlebar and compact size all you need to add to have the best double stroller is a quick fold and sturdy tires and the good news is that the City Select Double Stroller has it all.

All you need to do in order to fold the stroller is just pull the fold strap located in the middle of the seats. The stroller would fit into any average size trunk and has an auto-lock option that keeps it folded for easier transportation and storage.




The feature that is a great upgrade from the City Mini are the tires. The City Mini Double GT Double Strollersports four 8.5 inch “forever-air” foam filled wheels that make the ride through all kind of terrains comfortable for you and your babies....yeah, and you do not need to pump them up! The two front wheels have swivelling option and suspension and all four wheels are removable in case you need to wash them under the tap.  


The all-terrain tires do nothing else, but just add to the already absolutely outstanding maneuverability of the double stroller. Taking turns is so easy that you can do it even with one hand, although with heavier babies travelling, may be you will still need your both hands.



If your babies have an age gap, than you are offered with the option to turn your City Select Double Stroller into a travel system and attach a car seat, but unfortunately you will need an adapter that sells separately.




It seems like the City Mini Double GT Double Strollerhas it all to be the best double stroller available. There are only two little dealbreakers - some moms might find the 32 lbs a bit heavy, especially when lifting the stroller to put it in the trunk and the price. The price tag is one of the highest for that type of stroller, but in my opinion it will be worth every cent of it. Sometimes it is a better option to spend a bit more, knowing that you will own a product that is sturdy, maneuverable, safe and comfortable and will last for years.


City select  has been making strollers since 1984 and what becomes their goal and signature later on, is providing products for sporty parents. That is how Baby Jogger’s products have grown to be very easily maneuverable and comfortable for the parents and the babies at the same time.

Some of the greatest lines of products that Baby Jogger has released are the City Select and City Mini that include one of the best double strollers available on the market like the City Select Double Stroller and the City Mini Double GT Double Stroller.

What is really surprising about the brand though is that despite the name and the sporty look and features of the strollers, not all of them are named for jogging and it clearly states it even in the user’s manual of the particular stroller. On the other hand, this is actually a good thing, because there is now way to get disappointed when the stroller doesn't match your expectations and also own a sporty all-terrain double stroller even if you do not intend to be jogging with it.


Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx   Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double - Black/Black
1   2a
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As will all City Select products, you can expect quality and the “Baby Jogger with 2nd Seat” is no exception. It is perfect for Jogging or normal day to day excursions. The layout of having the kids “back and front” seating enables the double jogging stroller through thin passages unlike some other conventional double strollers.   The double jogging stroller “Mini GT” is a wonderful stroller when mommy wants to lose some extra pounds when pregnant. It has “all terrain” wheels, ensuring the double jogging stroller doesn’t get in your way on your daily jogging workouts. This double stroller has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon. Check our review out below.
Amazon best price   Amazon best price



Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double - Black/Gray  
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Just like the newer edition the baby Jogger 2016, the “Mini Double” is exceptional for taking out your little ones while out for your morning run. It is really well padded to ensure they have a really enjoyable ride while you lose some extra pounds.    
Amazon best price    



Although the double stroller we will have a detailed look at today is Baby Jogger City Select it is by no means meant for jogging. It is though, one of the best double strollers offering a sturdy construction, very good maneuverability and great versatility when it comes to the position of the seats.



The City Select double stroller claims to be one of the best travel systems and in my opinion it gets to be having in mind that you can choose between over 16 possible configurations of front facing, parent facing or sibling facing positioning of the seats. You can also start using it as a single stroller and start adding to it a second seat and even a glider board for the time when you already have 3 new members of the family. The only downfall in this regards is that all the accessories are bought separately.

When you first receive the box, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the weight and size of it, but this is due to the fact that it comes nearly assembled. The Stroller is a bit heavier than other double strollers, but you can take this as a plus if you are looking for a stable and sturdy stroller to last you from having your first baby to growing your family with even more than two children.

Once you have managed to take it out of the box (or may be your partner has) it is really easy to just pop the wheels into place and you are ready. No need to mess about with tiny parts and screws. The second seat kit that comes included with the City Select double stroller contains two arms to be attached on the lower part of the frame and a seat, same as the main one, that slides into them.


I started playing around with positioning the two seats, as I really wanted to test the options and it actually feels great to have so many options although it is a bit time consuming and you should be prepared for a little work out, which is not a big of a deal as moms with even one baby are ready for.



If you start using the City Select double stroller as a single stroller than you will find the one button that you need to push in order to get the seat reclined very convenient. It has few reclining positions according to baby’s needs, including full recline for taking a nap. However, when you attach the second seat the reclining options get less, but still not as bad as other double strollers I have tried. The Double jogging stroller comes very handy for twins too as the seats can take up to 45 lbs. each and you can position the babies facing each other.Another great feature is that the foot rest of each seat is adjustable as well and all you need to do is to click a button.




When it comes to car seats, you need to buy an adapter separately, but once you have it there is a pretty good range of car seat models that you can fit in the stroller. The seats of the stroller are made of soft and breathable fabric, easy to wipe off. They are equipped with a well padded 5 point harness and a canopy made out of the same fabric as the seats. The canopy is larger than the ones that other brands offer and it has a peek-a-boo window with a flap that closes magnetically. The canopy is easily adjustable and removable.

Very easily adjustable as well is the handle, as all you need to do is to press the button located right in the middle of it and pull back the telescopic handle. On the other hand, this can be a bit tricky as you may accidently push that button when maneuvering the stroller with one hand, holding the handle in the middle.



However, the wheels will make up for that little design fault, as they are big and sturdy. The front ones are 8 inch foam filled rubber wheels with swivelling option and the rear ones are 12 inch “forever-air” tires that will provide comfortable ride to your little ones and easy maneuvering on all terrains for the parents.



The City Select stroller has one particular feature that makes it a great purchase and that is the hand activated brake located on the right side of the handle. Unlike, the foot activated brakes of other double strollers the handbrake allows you to wear your best new shoes or flip flops when out with the kids :)

Last, but not least is the great storage bin the City Select double stroller is equipped with. It is packed with zippers that help you make it even bigger if needed.




There are just a couple of minuses in comparison to other competitor brands. One is that the City Select double stroller doesn’t come with any accessories and you have to get everything separately and the other one is that the stroller is overall a bit heavy. This is not the type of stroller where you can easily get your kids into and pop out to the grocery store, but it is ideal for outdoors loving parents and kids and will last you for years. What makes the City select one of the best double strollers is the versatility and high quality of the product itself, the sturdiness of the frame and wheels and the comfort it will bring to your babies.

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