The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is actually the double of the G2 Stroller already offered by Orbit Baby. The G2 has already proven to be one of the most innovative strollers and now with the supplement of the G3 Helix frame it turns into one of the best double strollers. The kit of two car seats is the ideal stroller for newborn twins and with adding carrycots or another seat you can easily turn it into a travel system for twin toddlers or different age kids.



The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is smart and impressive ride that ensures the comfort of parents and kids at the same time. It is packed with features that not only make it one of the best double strollers, but turn it into a great item for modern parents who are constantly on the go. Lets dig in into the Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller review in order to find out more about this stylish and smart twin stroller.

If you are already a fan of Orbit Baby and you have the G2 Stroller, and now your family has grown with another member, then you would certainly go for the G3 Double Helix upgrade kit. It includes the G3 Double Helix frame, handle and an undercarriage basket. The included brackets just clamp into the existing chassis of the G2 and the new handlebar should replace the existing one. The new handlebar comes with two cupholders and the the innovative Shade Pad.



The G3 Double Helix Shade Pad is designed to protect your baby from the sun and at the same time hold your iPad. Some of you might think that this feature is completely unnecessary and is only there to inflate the price of the stroller, but you have no idea how helpful this has been when you have an inconsolable kid who wants to listen to nursery rhymes or watch their favourite kids programme.



My kids usually do that and I have to sacrifice my smartphone that ends up dropped on the gravel, so the iPod shade pad of the Orbit Baby sometimes is a lifesaver. The handlebar also can be adjusted in height and has a rotation feature that actually allows you to tip the G3 Double Helix Stroller a bit in order to take curbs. Here is the time to say that it handles bumps and curbs very well despite being a bit longer than usual in-line double strollers, but if you have a lot of steps to take around where you live then you are better off with looking for a double jogging stroller or side-by-side double stroller.




The G3 Double Helix frame comes as well with the Smart Hub technology to attach the Bassinet, Infant Car Seat, or G2 Stroller Seat, but it doesn't take the Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat. Because it rotates too, you can easily let your toddler climb up and then turn the seat into place.Now talking about the seats, they are very easy to attach and detach and they rotate at full 360 degrees - isn’t that amazing! Seats are roomy and comfortable, nicely padded and equipped with a 5-point harness. They have large canopies, although a we have already mentioned, the iPod holder is enough to keep your kid in the second seat under the shade.


The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is offered with two car seats kit that make it a great stroller for newborn twins. The carseats also snap into place into the Smart Hub and do not wiggle or sway. They are roomy and with very big canopies too and can also be spinned to a full 360 degrees. All the fabrics and parts for the frame and wheels are made of high quality products as Orbit is the only brand that really takes care of the safety of our babies and the kind of materials touch their skin.



The wheels are relatively small, but the front and rear set swivel for greater maneuverability.

The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller travels extremely well on flat surfaces, but you would struggle a bit on a grassy terrain for example due to the small wheels and the long body of your double stroller.

The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is a bit heavy and quite bulky when folded. The advertised one-hand fold is true, but after you have taken off the seats, the rear G3 Double Helix Frame and some more parts. In general, folding it takes time and it can’t self stand or have a carry handle.



The storage bin is relatively small, considered the size of the double stroller itself and it is hard to fit a big diaper bag in it. On the other hand the brake is pretty easy to set and release and the stroller is very stable when parked.  

I honestly think that the Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is a great addition for a growing family that already has the G2 Stroller or the car seats for newborns. It is an innovative way to go from single to double and when one of your kids outgrows the age of being carried in a stroller you can go single again.




The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller has it’s pros and cons as every other double stroller available, but if you are in love with Orbit’s products than you will just love this one too.


The Orbit Baby - G3 Double Helix Stroller is more convenient to be used as a primary double stroller that won't be folded too often and mounted in the car. Despite the heavy weight and long body what gets it to the top of the best double strollers list is the 360 degree rotation ability of the seats and the great safety offered by Orbit.


The Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller is another great offer for growing families. You can use it as a single and then as a double stroller and it is also a great choice when looking for a stroller for twins. To me, the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller and in particular the 2015 model is kind of a more affordable version of the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller.



It has the same single seat and an additional storage bag feature in order to convert it from a single to a twin stroller and all the features needed to turn into the best double stroller to suit your needs, but the price is way lower. On the other hand it has a few drawbacks too that you need to be aware of before you make your final decision. Let’s get into details in this Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller review.



The biggest plus of the Mountain Buggy is its width. It is only 24.5 inches wide, that beats even the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller with that coming in at 29 inches. The Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller is actually the slimmest side-by-side double stroller that you can currently buy.




You are completely guarantied to fit it through any door, what makes it one of the best double strollers for parents who live in the city and use public transport on a daily basis, however, with this unbeatable width, you should expect narrower seats. The seats are 11 inches wide and the back seat is 19.5 inches long and there are 24 inches from the seat to the top of the open canopy. It is important to have this numbers beforehand, because if your kids are taller or just bigger for their age, the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller will not be what you want and you will soon be disappointed with your purchase.



Apart from being a little narrower, the seats are extremely comfortable. With the help of straps the seats can be adjusted from a fully upright position to a nearly fully flat. The seats of the 2015 model come with a nicely padded reversible and washable seat liners. They are also equipped with adjustable 5 point harness with a double button that makes it more difficult for the kids to figure out how to unbuckle themselves.



Every seat can take up to a maximum of 40 lbs of weight, that is about 10 pounds less than what other competitor brands offer, but having in mind the slim design and the slightly narrower seats it is also expected. Every seats has a detachable individual canopy with a mesh peek-a-boo window that closes with a button. The canopies are quite big and even have additional sun visor.



The only thing that could have been improved regarding the seats is the ventilation. There is no ventilation windows when the seats are reclined to fully flat position, so if you are living in an area with a lot of hot days, you certainly need to take that into consideration. One more thing that might be a plus or a concern depending on your kids nature is the one big swing away bumper bar - the kids might not get to an agreement if they want it or not.



While still talking about the seats, I need to say that the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller is a great choice when on the hunt for a double stroller for the twins, as it accepts two car seats stadium-like positioned or you could opt for two carrycots. The Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller accepts car seats from nearly every major brand, but the adapters are sold separately.

Apart from being ultra thin, the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller offers great maneuverability. It is lightweight and very easy to push. It comes with four 10 inch pneumatic tires where the rear ones also have suspension that makes the ride literally bump-free. As every air-filled tire, these ones need some maintenance by pumping them up every now and then.



In addition to the great maneuverability and the true all-terrain ability, the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller is also very easy to fold. All it takes is a click of a button located under the large footrest for your kids and buckle a strap to lock it in folded position. I know that an autolock would have been better, but it's still easy as you do not need to take the seats off in order to fold it and as it is so lightweight and compact you can easily fit it in the trunk of your car.



The storage bin is quite large and the storage space is actually quite impressive when you use the Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller as a single stroller with the joey bag on the side. It also comes with a flip-flop friendly foot brake and an adjustable handlebar and a security wrist strap.




The Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller would be a great selection if you have toddlers or newborn twins and you need a lightweight and easy to maneuver all-terrain double stroller. It is a great choice for parents who live in busy cities, but if they want to jog in the park with their babies, they could do too. If the drawbacks I have pointed out, like the narrower seats and the lack of mesh windows are not really a concern for you, then you have just found your best double stroller.



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The Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller has proven to be one of the best double strollers - it is innovative, versatile and stylish, but all this comes at a price. However, if you are an active parent and you have the cash, then you would certainly consider the

The Bugaboo Donkey is one of the best high end double stroller you could find right now. Of course, not everything comes down to looks, every parent is more concerned about the quality and features of the double stroller and we will get into details in our Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller review in order to find out if it has them and if the price tag is deserved.



I will start with the most talked about feature and that is the ability of the Bugaboo Donkey stroller to convert from a single stroller to a side-by-side double stroller. You would think that there are a lot of strollers out there that convert from a single to double, but unlike them, where you attach the second seat at the back, the Bugaboo Donkey Double Twin Stroller allows you to carry your two babies side-by-side. In my personal opinion only this feature is enough to consider the Bugaboo the best double stroller, as you will easily end the fights of who sits in the front.



When using it as a single stroller, just next to the baby seat you have a stylish bag and with the large storage bin, you are offered quite a lot of storage space that no other competitor brand can offer. When you need it, you can turn the single into a double stroller by expanding the frame with just the click of few buttons and installing the second seat.



Here I need to mention, that in the set there are two seats and two bassinets for newborns and the stylish bag I mentioned earlier, so you can use your Bugaboo Donkey as a single, double stroller for kids of different age or as a stroller for twins - a great thing for parents who are planning on growing their family and twins on the way can not catch them by surprise :)




In addition to all that, it turns out to be the slimmest side-by-syde double stroller on the market so far. As a double the Stroller is only 29 inches wide and you are guarantied to fit through any size of door. The aluminium frame is lightweight and pushing this stroller even with the two kids in it feels like a breeze.

The maneuverability of the Bugaboo Donkey is exceptional and it is helped by the four 10 and 12 inch air-filled wheels, where each one has its own suspension and the front pair has a swivelling option. A nice little touch is the fact that in the set you will find a pump to inflate the tires when needed.



Another great feature for sure is the two-wheel mode. You just sort of kick the rear wheels forward and you are ready to pull the double stroller through sand and snow. I find this particularly comfortable when taking your kids on vacations at the beach or in the mountains and is how the Bugaboo Donkey Double Twin Stroller truly sets out to be the best double stroller for all terrains.

The features that you would expect any double stroller to have are present here too. The Twin Stroller has an adjustable handlebar with the amazing 11 positions what makes this high end double stroller comfortable for anyone “behind the wheel”.



The seats are nicely padded and fitted with a 5-point harness that is also adjustable depending on the child in the seat. Every seat can be placed parent-facing or world-facing and offers full recline with just a click of a button. To me, this is great, as I sort of hate the straps and zips when it comes to reclining the seats.

One thing that is a bit concerning is the fact that the seats are cosy and roomy when talking width, but they are not the longest ones I have seen. You will be able to comfortably carry a three year old, but I am not sure for older or taller children.

Every seat is fitted with a generous canopy made out of the same light and easy to wipe fabric as the seats are. One thing I am missing here is a little peek-a-boo window, but I guess if you want to have a good looking stroller little visors are not allowed :)

I am willing to forget about the peek-a-boo window, due to the fact that the Bugaboo Donkey  can be folded even without having to take off the seats or bassinets. It takes a few steps to fold the stroller and it is quite bulky when folded, but it can stand upright on its own and auto locks. Of course, it takes less storage space when the seats are detached before folding it and you can also pop the wheels off, but it is still bulky, so if you have a small car, forget about being able to transport it in your trunk.



The Double stroller is equipped with a rear foot brake that is flip-flop friendly, so to speak and the storage bin under the seats is big and easy to reach.

In case you want to attach a car seat, you can with the help of an adapter.

There are different adapters depending on the brand and model of your car seat and there is a detailed information about them on the in the car seat adapters section. In general the Bugaboo accepts most major brand car seats like Britax, Chicco, Peg Perego, Maxi-Cosi and Cybex.




Overall, the Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller is expensive, but if you are looking for a great quality, innovative functionalities and a stylish double stroller you will definitely fall in love with the Double Twin Stroller. This is certainly one of the best double strollers for all terrain and if you decide to make that investment, I am certain you will not regret it.

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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

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