Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller is another competitor for a best double stroller in the category of sit and stands. If you your kids have an age gap and the older one is big enough to walk most of the time when you are out, but wants to sit or just ride standing from time to time, then a sit n stand double stroller is the way to go. Graco Room For2 Sit and Stand Double stroller is a great choice for parents on budget and offers great quality for its price.Let’s get into details in order to find out what is so great about Graco Room For2 Sit and Stand Double stroller and what is not.



First off, I would like to make a point that this is not a double stroller that would handle all type of terrains with ease. Roomfor2 Graco comprises of four small foam filled plastic wheels that handle extremely well smooth surfaces, but have difficulties when talking about grass or sand.

If you are planning to use your double stroller for walks in town center, zoo or for quick trips to the grocery shop then the Graco stroller will become your best friend. It feels lightweight and easy to push even with your two little passengers in it and is very maneuverable.



The big plus of the sit n stand double strollers is that they are all very easy to fit through small doors and aisles of groceries. The Room for 2 Graco in particular measures 34.6 inches in its widest part that would make it fit through any standard sized door, but I have seen quite a few side-by-side double strollers that measure a couple inches less. However, the Graco Stroller is still very easy to maneuver with and with a weight of only 27.18 lbs will be a relief for any mom of two or more kids.



Although, it is very lightweight, the Roomfor2 Graco sit and stand stroller doesn’t feel flimsy. Exactly the opposite - the frame is quite sturdy and the sit n stand double stroller can carry with ease two children of up to 50 lbs each.

The frame ends up in a nicely non-slip padded handlebar that unfortunately is not adjustable, but would fit perfectly anyone between 5’ and 6’ tall. What makes it up for the non adjustable handlebar is the parent's tray that has a small open compartment and two cupholders.

Roomfor2 Graco sit and stand stroller apart from being easy to push around and lightweight is very easy to fold as well and it doesn’t take a lot of storage space. You will be able to lift it up with ease and fit it in the trunk of your car.



It also offers the possibility to be used for newborn and a toddler by attaching a carseat for the newborn at the front and the toddler riding at the back. In my opinion, not the best option for a newborn, as I personally prefer to have the baby closer to myself, but I am sure many parents would find it comfortable as it is.

The original seat the Graco comes with is very roomy and mate out of easy to wipe clean fabric. It comes with a five point harness and kids tray. The seat comes to a full recline, but that turns out to take a lot of the space for the back passenger, so your toddler might not be comfortable while the infant is taking a nap at the front. My 5 year old prefers standing on the platform that is very sturdy and I feel safe she won’t fall, but if your kid prefers to sit - there is a nicely padded seat equipped with a 3 point harness for greater safety.




Just under the stand up platform you will find the foot brake that in my opinion is easy to hit and release even in flip flops, but my sister complains about it when she takes the kids out in the Roomfor2 Graco sit and stand stroller.

Now something that is a dealbreaker for me and for many moms out there is the storage bin. It is big, but very uncomfortable to access. I usually access it from the sides of the stroller and I can store a lot of small items, but not an entire big diaper bag.

The canopy of the front seat is not as big as I would like it to be and leaves the little front passenger quite exposed to the sunlight, not to mention the toddler riding at the back - doesn’t even have a canopy :)

In conclusion, I would recommend the Roomfor2 Graco sit and stand stroller to any parents that wouldn’t be using it as their primary double stroller. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver with, but your kids might not feel comfortable on long trips. It has a couple of downfalls, such as the small storage bin and canopy, but on the other hand the quality is very good and the price is very affordable.





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