The Zoe XL2 Xtra Double Stroller is really the most lightweight double umbrella stroller available so far. It weighs only 16 lbs, so it is a perfect choice even for grandparents that find it difficult to push around or lift heavy double strollers when taking care of their grandchildren.






It is also a great stroller to have if you travel a lot as it is easy to fit in the smallest of car trunks or check at the airport. The Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller is a great choice no matter if you have twins or an infant and toddler as they will all enjoy the smooth and easy ride. I just can not tell you all about the dimensions of this double umbrella stroller. It is not only the fact that it weighs only 16 lbs, that is actually difficult to beat even by some single strollers, but also it is the width. The Zoe XL2 Xtra measures 29 inches in its widest point, so you can safely fit it through any standard doorway.


With your lightweight stroller you will be able to fit it anywhere all you want, as it is easy to fold away. All you have to do is to pull both straps located on the seats and the stroller collapses on its own and auto locks in place.The dimensions when folded are as follows: 26″ (height) x 29″ (width) x 7″ (depth). A great touch is that the Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller comes with a carry bag, since it can not stand upright on its own.







One thing apart from the lightweight and easy fold, that I particularly love is the one piece handlebar. Not a lot of double umbrella strollers come with a one piece handlebar, but this is one of my favourite features, as it allows me to push the stroller one handed. The handlebar can not be adjusted, but it stands at the standard 40.5 inches over the ground and the stroller has a recessed rear axle that actually allows parents over 6 inch tall not to kick the frame with every step they take.






Zoe has also taken care of the parent’s comfort by fitting the Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller with a one piece brake bar that is flip flop friendly and super easy to use even by the grandparents. After the parent’s comfort is completely ensured, let's have a look at the seats and wheels, to find out if the Zoe XL2 will be great for the little ones too.






Both seats are actually quite roomy as each one of them is 12 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The seat back measures 18 inches and there are 23 inches of space between the seat and the top of the canopy. This will perfectly fit even taller for their age kids and completely corresponds to the 50 lbs of weight that each seat can take. The babies are safely buckled in with a five point harness equipped with shoulder pads. I really need to say that there have been a few complaints about the harness being very tight and difficult to unbuckle, but I guess this just gets better after few uses - mine are both fine.

The only thing that I would have improved is the seats recline. They both recline individually to a 135 degrees position that is just too far from a fully flat recline. If they did go a bit further down, it would have been great, but even like so my kids haven't complained so far and have taken their naps in the stroller.







What makes it up for the recline angle are the canopies. The Zoe XL2 Xtra umbrella stroller comes with great big canopies with extendable sun visor that ensure full sun protection to your babies. Each canopy reclines individually and at the back of each one you can find an additional storage pocket. On a very hot days the backs of the canopies roll up and a nice size ventilation window opens that also allows you to keep an eye on the little ones.






As I have mentioned storage, the storage bin that the Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Stroller has located under the seats is not only quite big, but also very easily accessible (I guess due to the lack of a lower reclining position of the seats). When it comes to storage space, this is certainly the best that a double umbrella stroller can offer.

All this rides on a two sets of double 5 ⅛ inch front wheels and two single 6 ⅛ inch wheels at the back. The front wheels of course can swivel or get locked into place and also come with suspension for greater comfort on the bumpy roads. All the wheels are plastic, but they come with a lifetime warranty and Zoe promises to change them for free.






Apart from the lifetime warranty on the wheels, the double stroller comes with a padded front belly bar that is super easy to attach and pop out and cup holder for the parents and 2 cupholders and a snack cup for the kids. How cool is that?!







In general, although it has it cons - to me it is only the reclining position, the Zoe XL2 Xtra is one of the best double strollers you can find at this price. It is compact, easy to fold and lightweight double stroller that will fit well twins or children with an age gap. It offers comfortable ride and a lot of storage space and most of all it can be maneuvered even one handed. If you are looking for the best double umbrella stroller without breaking the bank, then the Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller could be the one you are looking for.





Maclaren is a very popular stroller and baby gear brand not only in US, but also worldwide. They have been particularly successful with the release of their high end double umbrella stroller - Maclaren Twin Techno and now we are offered with the budget version in the name of Maclaren Twin Triumph double umbrella stroller.






It is not the cheapest double umbrella strollerthat you can find on the market right now, but it is a high quality product that will ensure comfortable ride for you and your little ones. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is a great choice when you are looking for a lightweight double umbrella stroller to use a secondary stroller no matter if you are having twins or children with an age gap.

The first great thing about the Maclaren Twin Triumph double umbrella strolleris that it doesn't require any assembling when you take it out of the box. How cool is that?! That is the first sign of the compact size of the stroller and the first thing to love about it. Now as you have a ready to go double stroller, you will notice how lightweight it is. It weighs only 25 lbs, but despite being a lightweight double stroller, it feels stable and sturdy.






Despite being a side-by-side double umbrella stroller, the Maclaren Twin Triumph will fit easily through any standard doorway. Another great feature is the easy one-hand fold mechanism that it comprises of. All you need to do is kick up the brackets below the seats and the orange clip in the middle of the frame and then push and squeeze the handles of the stroller.






It auto locks in place and has a carry handle on the side, so you will be able to carry it around without running the risk that the stroller unfolds. Due to it is lightweight and compact size you will find no issues with fitting it into the smallest car trunk or checking the Maclaren double unbrella stroller on a flight.

You would probably think that a compact and lightweight double stroller doesn’t take up a lot of weight and this might be true for some other brands, but Maclaren Twin Triumph can take up to 55 lbs in each seat. The seats are comfortable and roomy and you can easily fit up to 5 years old child in each one of them.




Each seat reclines to a nearly fully flat position by loosening or tightening up a strap at the back and as the recline is not fully flat it is best to use the double umbrella stroller to carry babies over 6 months old that are able to sit on their own.

Each seat is equipped with a 5-point harness with shoulder pads and adjustable foot rests. Each seat also has a large storage pocket at the back where you can store any baby gear or your own essentials.




The canopies on the Maclaren double stroller adjust individually, but in my opinion they are not the biggest. There are other double umbrella stroller brands that offer way larger canopies, especially at this price point. They do protect the children from the sun, but not all the way through and if the seat is actually reclined it is only the kids faces that stay in the shadow.

What makes it up in a way for the smaller canopies is the large storage bin, located underneath the seats. Do not imagine something massive, but when talking about double umbrella strollers, it is quite big.

The entire stroller sits on six sets of double plastic wheels where all front row has a swivelling option or can be locked into place in order to tackle harder terrains. In my opinion, it is not a great idea to actually go all terraind with an umbrella stroller, as they perform best on smooth surfaces and riding the stroller on grass or sand will be hard for you, uncomfortable for your little passengers and at the same time you might ruin these tiny 6 inch wheels.



Just a little tip in order to prolong the life of your double umbrella stroller in case you have an infant and a toddler is to swap their places every now and then so that the natural wear and tear of the stroller is kind of more even.





When riding on smooth surfaces, the Maclaren double umbrella stroller is great. Taking turns and curbs is easy and the ride is smooth for your babies too. The comfort of the parents is ensured as well by the flip flop friendly foot brake and the two foam filled soft pads on the handles and everyone's safety is reinforced by the wrist strap attached to the handle. A nice little touch is the massive rain cover that comes included in the set.







I already know that there is no such thing as the “perfect stroller”, but the Maclaren double stroller is a very good quality product that offers great value for money. It is a great choice when all you need is a good looking, easy to fold and carry lightweight double umbrella stroller that also offers a good storage space and comfortable ride for your children.  



The Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller is one of the best lightweight double strollers that you could find when you are on a budget. It is simple and does exactly what a double umbrella stroller is designed to do, it is easy to maneuver, fold and store. The Kolcraft Double Umbrella Stroller doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it will serve you well as a non-primary double stroller to take with you when travelling.









When I said it's the best lightweight double stroller, I really meant it as the Kolcraft stroller weighs only 21 lbs. It has a compact fold and easily fits into the smallest car trunk. Folding it takes a few steps, but it is still quite easy. You just need to pull both red levers underneath each seat and squeeze the stroller together.








There is a safety hook that needs to be placed in order for the Kolcraft umbrella to stay folded. It doesn't have a carry handle, but you can easily lift it up and store it wherever you want. Here are the numbers for the folded dimensions: 13"L x 12.5"W x 43.5"H and unfolded : 31"L x 31"W x 38.5"H.

If you have noticed the width of the Kolcraft Double Stroller is of 31 inch that will take you safely through any standard doorway, but only in case you haven’t attached the parent’s cup holder that comes with it. I think the cupholder is a nice touch and I guess the only “fancy” feature that the Kolcraft Double umbrella Stroller offers, but it does get on the way when going through doors, on the other hand, wider frame means roomier seats.








Each seat is comfortable and spacious and takes up to 35 lbs each. Depending of course on your kids, you can carry even a 4 or 5 year old in this stroller but it is certainly not convenient for small babies as the seats are equipped with a 3-point harness that goes only around the children's waists.







Each seat is also equipped with adjustable foot rests and recline individually. The recline is not fully flat, but good enough for your little one to take a nap. There are clips you need to detach and attach from the frame in order to get the seats to recline, that I find somewhat cumbersome compared to the overall simplicity of the Kolcraft double stroller. What makes it up for the clunky reclining mechanism are the all-weather seat pads that you can roll up on a hot day. That way the entire back of the seat turns into a massive mesh ventilation window that your kids lay on and the rolled-up pads act as little pillows for the little passenger’s heads.







The canopies that the Kolcraft Double Stroller comes with are massive and they really provide sun protection to your kids. Again a little bit of additional work when pulling the canopies up and down are the clips that you need to push up and down, located on the side of each canopy. It is not a big of a deal, but you need to have it in mind in order not to break these clips and find yourself with a flimsy canopy.

The Kolcraft Double umbrella Stroller sits on six sets of double 6 inch plastic wheels where the front ones swivel for a better maneuverability. Talking about maneuverability, the Kolcraft Double Stroller turns in a dime, but it performs best on smooth surfaces. If you overpass the weight limit, you will definitely have troubles with the wheels.









Now, I need to mention the middle handle that some parents find just weird, but it is very helpful to me, since it doesn’t have a storage bin or any pockets at the back of the seats I just use this handle to hang bags on it. I have also attached a parent’s tray from our single stroller and it works just fine.









Overall, the Kolcraft Stroller has its pro's and cons, like the lack of storage space and being just a bit wider than what I would have prefered, but it is lightweight, the canopies are great and it has been of a great help when travelling. We have been able to gate check it as well. The price tag is affordable and it will fit any parent that needs a simple lightweight umbrella stroller to use every now and then.


The Guzzie+Guss Twice Double Umbrella Stroller can easily be named one of the best double umbrella strollers due to all the features it is packed with and the high quality build. It will be your perfect companion no matter if you are just taking a trip to the grocery shop or to Disneyland, the comfort of your two children is ensured. Guzzie and Guss is not the most popular brand in US, but it is very famous in Canada and is recently taking up the world.





If you decide to invest in the Guzzie and Guss , you can be sure that you will have one of the best Double Umbrella Stroller available that will last you for years. As a double umbrella stroller, the Guzzie+Guss folds to amazing dimensions that allow you to fit your double stroller even in the smallest of car trunks and take it to long trips and vacations. When folded the Double Umbrella Stroller measures 40.5" L x 22" W x 16.5" H and when unfolded the numbers are 24.5" L x 29.75" W x 41.5" H.






Not only that it is very compact when folded, but the fold itself is quite easy. All you need to do is click three buttons at the back of the frame and the umbrella stroller will kind of collapse on its own. It does have an auto lock, but it won’t stay upright when foled. There is a carry handle that you will find on the side of the stroller, as it is designed to be carried easily instead of being able to stand upright. If you have noticed, the width of the Guzzie+Guss Twice is of 29.75 inches that allows you to get it through any standard doorway, despite the fact that it is a side-by-side double stroller. Although, the frame is made of lightweight aluminium, the Guzzie stroller actually weighs 28 lbs.







his is not far from what even a double jogging stroller would weigh and is certainly far from other brands that offer products even under 20 lbs. With all that said, the Guzzie+Guss Twice doesn’t feel heavy and bulky and is still a great competitor in the category of best lightweight double stroller.





he additional pounds of the stroller itself actually provide a more stable and safe ride for your babies, that I personally prefer than the feeling of being filmsy, where my kids jiggle around, especially when riding on the pavement.



The sturdy frame of the Guzzie+Guss Twice comes with very comfortable seats that can take up to 44 lbs each. Of course, each seats is equipped with a 5-point harness that is very easy to adjust depending on the height of your kids, but doesn’t come with shoulder pads. What is also adjustable are the foot rests to each seat.






You can even flip them up and create a cocoon for your smallest children. The extra large canopies are one of my favourite features that not a lot of other double umbrella strollers can offer. They are made of durable water resistant fabric and each one of them has a mesh peek-a-boo window that closes with a velcro. Each canopy can be adjusted individually, same as each seat. The seats have 4 positions of reclining and you only need to pull a little lever at the back of each seat in order to recline it. (Guzzie+Guss, thanks for the button, as I sort of hate the straps).





At the back of each seat there is a large storage bag with a little lid that closes with velcro too. That just adds to the big storage basket underneath the seats. Now, some of you might say that the storage basket is not that big as you can’t fit a large diaper bag in it, but having in mind that we are talking about an umbrella stroller, believe me it is big and I am glad that it is even there, as the truth is not every brand offers one at all.







he Guzzie and Guss Twice is equipped with three single 6 inch plastic wheels at the front that can be locked in place to tackle tougher terrains or let swivel freely when taking turns and riding on smooth surfaces. At the back you will find three sets of double 6 inch plastic wheels with a footbrake. All front and back wheels have suspension in order to make the ride comfortable for you and for your two little passengers. All this allows the Guzzie+Guss to provide great maneuverability and you will feel how easy it is to ride it even with your two little one’s weight added.






Overall, the Guzzie and Guss Twice Double Umbrella Stroller does weigh a bit more than other competitor brands, but has great maneuverability and offers great features. The quality of the materials is amazingly high and the stroller feels sturdy and stable while riding. At the same time it is compact and comfortable. If you give it a go, you won’t feel disappointed.


The Delta Children LX Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller is the answer for everybody looking for a lightweight double stroller that is easy to fold, compact in size and at the same time easy to maneuver and comfortable for the little ones.



Delta Children is a brand that has been around for quite some time now and the quality of their products is tested by a lot of parents. The Delta stroller brings the same proven quality with an amazingly affordable price tag. We will have a closer look of the pros and cons in this Delta Children Double Umbrella Stroller review.



First of all we need to start with the folding. As every double umbrella stroller, the Delta LX folds quickly into a very compact umbrella like shape that is very convenient for storage as it doesn’t take a lot of storage space. In order to fold the Delta double stroller all you need to do is pull a lever located on the side of the frame and unfolding it is as easy. It is not only that is compact, but the Delta double stroller is also extremely lightweight.




It weighs only 18.3 lbs, so you can not only fold it quickly, but also lift it up easily in order to store it at home or in the trunk of your car. Needless to say that the Delta Umbrella stroller would fit into the smallest of car trunks. Due to its compact size and lightweight the Delta Children LX Side by Side is perfect for travelling even with a plane as it allows being gate checked. Another great thing is that it is 29.9 inches wide and you will be able to fit the side by side umbrella through any standard doorway,








I know that this is a bit worrying as with a side-by-side double stroller that fits through all sorts of doors, you might be compromising on the kids comfort, but in this case you need not worry. The seats are 12 inches wide each and they can take up to 35 lbs each. The seats back measures 17 inches from the seat fold to the top and in combination with the weight capacity it will serve you well until your kids are around 4 years old. However, if your little ones are particularly tall, please have in mind that even though their heads might not be touching the canopy, there would still have nowhere to rest their heads as the space between the canopy and the back of the seat is open.





As we have started talking about the seats, the Delta Children LX Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller ones come with a 5-point harness and shoulder pads. Both seats recline individually by using a strap that you can release or tighten depending on how reclined you would like the seat to be. The normal position is not completely upright and the recline is not 180 degree one, but it is good enough for your babies to feel comfortable while taking a nap in the lightweight double stroller.



Each seat is also fitted with individual canopy, but to be honest the canopies are not the biggest I have seen. They are rather small and do not completely cover the babies. To make it up for the small canopies, Delta has fitted the LX with two quite large mesh bags hanging at the back of each seat. You need to be aware that this is your only storage space and it doesn’t have a storage bin under the seats.

Having in mind that the LX Double Umbrella Stroller has two handles to pushed, you can always use them to hang your purse or any additional bags. I am not a great fan of the handles instead of one piece handlebar, but in cases like that they are just very useful. They are located at the standard 40 inches of the ground, so if you are not particularly tall, you will find the handles comfortable.



The wheels the LX stroller stands on are three sets of 6 inch double plastic wheels at the back and same three sets at the front. The foot brake is located just on top of the back right set of wheels. The front wheels are all 360 degrees swivelling and equipped with shock absorbers.



The LX Double Umbrella Stroller maneuvers extremely well, it takes turns and curbs quite easy even when loaded with two children with different weight. However, due to the small wheels you might have some troubles when riding on grassy surfaces or sand. To be safe, try staying on smooth surfaces.




To wrap up, the Delta LX can easily be named best double umbrella stroller when it comes to compact size and lightweight. It is easily maneuverable and a great asset when travelling with two little ones. The small canopies and lack of storage bin might be deal breakers for some, but keep in mind that this wouldn’t be your primary stroller.

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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith