Thule Urban Glide 2 Sport Stroller is definitely one of the best double strollers you can find available right now. It has it all to be your heavily used double jogging stroller and your every day out and about in the city center double stroller. It is on the high end of the price range for double strollers, but will pay off every cent you put into it.

As usual, when talking about double jogging strollers, I always start with the wheels, suspension and brake. Thule Urban Glide 2 double stroller sports one 12 inch front swivelling wheel and two 16 inch rear ones. They are all pneumatic with very easy to access valves. The front wheel swivels to full 360 degrees and has very easy to reach key (located just on top of the wheel itself) that locks the wheel into place for extensive jogging sessions.








The rear wheels have nice suspension that absorbs the shock from bumps and uneven terrains and ensures smooth and comfortable ride for the little passengers and their parents. The feel when pushing the Thule double stroller is of being very lightweight even when tested with a load of two 5 year olds on a bumpy grass area. The maneuverability of the Thule double stroller is outstanding and I am certain that you will not only be using it as a double jogging stroller, but also for everyday shopping trips.







The Thule double stroller is equipped with two brakes. One hand brake and one foot one. The hand brake is aimed to slow down the double stroller when jogging or going downhill and the foot rear brake will take the jogging stroller to a full stop parking position once you hit it. The hand brake is located on the right side of the handlebar and operated the same way as any bicycle hand brake. Here I need to point out that if you are a leftie, you will just need to get used to push it with your right hand. Another thing, that is my personal opinion is that the foot brake just looks rather flimsy and unpresentable in comparison to the entire look of the Thule double stroller. However, this is only coming down to looks, as it is actually quite sturdy and holds very well.










I have promised that the Urban Glide 2 can easily become the choice for, not only to outdoors loving parents, but to the ones that just need to walk their babies to city center and shops. The reason why, is that apart from the great maneuverability provided by the wheels the Thule double stroller sports a lightweight frame that in its widest part measures up to just a bit over 30 inches and makes the Urban Glide 2 able to fit through any standard doorway. The overall weight of this double jogging stroller is of 32 pounds, which is the average amongst all competitors brands.


However, the Thule double stroller has one advantage and that is the fact that it is very compact when folded. If need you can also pop out the rear wheels with just a click of a button. One thing that is missing, and I think this is the only true disadvantage is that the urban Glide 2 is unable to stand in an upright position when folded. But what will easy make it up for that and put it back to your list of awesome double strollers is the true one hand fold. All you need to do is twist the folding handle located near the footrest for the babies and the double stroller would literally collapse on its own. In my personal opinion, no competitor has managed to beat that so far.







To top up the list of extras, the Thule double stroller sports non-slip padded adjustable handlebar and amazing storage bin. The storage bin is very spacious, made out of water repellent fabric and can be fully closed. There is also a small zipper closed pocket at the front of the storage bin where you can keep your keys and phone for instance. The Urban Glide 2 offers additional storage space with the two mesh pockets fitted at the back of the seats and two small mesh pockets on the inner side of the seats where you can store kid’s drinks or snacks. The Urban Glide 2 comes with two roomy and comfortable seats that can take up to 50 lbs each and would easily fit in two 45 inch tall toddlers without their heads bumping into the canopies. The backrest measures 21 inches which is a bit more than some other popular double jogging stroller brands offer.




 Both seats are very nicely padded and the fabric is water repellent and very easy to wipe clean. The Thule double stroller seats are equipped with 5 point padded harness and the shoulder straps also have some padding for greater comfort of your little ones. If you are about to recline the seats all you need to do is click and pull a button. Each seat reclines to a close to flat lay down position, but not full flat. There is a nice mesh window at the back of the seat that keeps the air flowing on warm days.










 The footrest under the seats is quite big and you can add bumper bars for your babies if you like. In case you are about to travel with one toddler and an infant, you can fit in a car seat with an adapter, that is unfortunately sold separately, but accepts quite a lot of major brands car seats. You can find the full list of car seats compatibility at Thule official website (it is a PDF file available to download)

I have tested it with my Britax Chaperone and it fits perfectly. It was also great that the baby was fully protected by the car seat canopy and the Thule double stroller one as they kind of met in the middle and cocooned the little one. Yeah, the canopies of the Urban Glide 2 are great. They are big with few levels of extension and have clear plastic peek-a-boo windows. Your little passengers will always be well protected from the sun and you will always be able to keep an eye on them.







There is close to nothing to fault the Thule double stroller for. It is one of the best double strollers available on the market and I am not afraid to state it. I know it is a bit expensive, but it is well worth the investment.



The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller is one of the best looking double jogging strollers in my opinion. Maybe this is not so important, but when you are getting an expensive product that is certainly one of the thing you would want. Apart from the good looks you would want to find out what is that puts this double stroller in the best double stroller list and we will find out together in this Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller review.





One of the best features of the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller is the size. Although being a side-by-side double stroller, it is only 29.5 inches wide that would fit it to any single doorway and makes it the best double stroller to use for shopping and walks in town. Apart from being sort of “slim” for a side-by-side double stroller, the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller is also very lightweight. With its 34 lbs easily beats most of the competitors and doesn’t make you feel like working out when pushing the double stroller up and down.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller will make the shortlist when looking for the best double stroller not only with its lightweight and ability to fit through single doorways, but also with it’s maneuverability. It turns in a dime and will ensure a smooth ride through all types of terrain, this of course, is possible thanks to the four 12 inch air filled tires it is equipped with, where the two front ones have swivelling option and all four have their own independant suspension.






The shock absorption and the air filled wheels are a must for every double jogging stroller and the Bumbleride double stroller has both, so you will not only find the double stroller very comfortable for everyday use, but also a great asset for your short jogging sessions with your two little ones. I am saying short because, although the company claims that this Bumbleride double stroller is great for jogging I will permit myself to disagree.

In my opinion, it is ok to jog occasionally as the wheels are not as stable when running (even with the front wheels locked).  The Bumbleride double stroller is also equipped with a wrist strap that is a must when talking about jogging strollers and you do not need to forget to use when running in order to provide greater security for you and your little ones, however, the Bumbleride double stroller would be my first choice, when looking for one of the best double strollers for all-terrain everyday use.








The brake is foot rear one, but is very easy to hit and as I said that this is a great double stroller for all terrains, yes, you will be able to hit and release the brake even in flip flops.There is only one thing that is not my favourite and that is the folding. To fold the Bumbleride double stroller you need to push two buttons on each side of the frame and the upper part will collapse. Then you need to sort of kick forward the rear wheels in order to fold the stroller and then secure it with straps. It is not difficult, but there are some competitor brands that offer way easier folding.









However, what makes it up for that little effort is the storage bin. It is very big and easily accessible from either side or the back. You are also provided with some more storage space in the back pockets of the seats and as a compliment to the adjustable handlebar you get a cup holder :)

Now we came to the most important part for your little ones - the seats. Honestly, these are the most nicely padded and comfortable seats that you could possibly find. The fabric is very soft and easy to wipe clean. There are almost no plastic bits, apart from the 5-point harness that secures your babies in their seats.









Eachs eat can take up to 45 lbs of load, which is a bit less than the usual 50 lbs offered by competitor brands, but good enough for 4-5 year old toddler to feel comfortable in the seat. The seats recline to a full flat by simply pulling a strap on the back, so you will be able to use the Bumbleride double stroller even with very small babies in it. The foot rests are individually adjustable and when pulled up provide greater security for the small baby and bigger comfort to the toddler, when the foot rest is pulled all the way down.








Each seat is also fitted with an individually adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window. I need to say that I absolutely love the canopies. They are big and I really can protect the little passengers from the uncertainties of the weather. The peek-a-boo window has a magnetic close ( which is great compared to the noisy velcro) and is actually a mesh window that I particularly find way better than a plastic visor. Each seat also has a bumper bar that adds to the safety of your kids.






Another thing that is important and will be very helpful to a lot of moms is that the company offers newborn twins carrycots to fit the Bumbleride double stroller, but they are sold separately.If you have car seats for newborn twins, you can accommodate them on the double jogging stroller by using a double adapter. However it is very important to know that the double adapter would only accept Maxi Cosi Mico, Maxi Cosi Mico AP, Cybex Aton or Cybex Aton 2 and both car seats need to be of the same kind to fit.

If you only have to accommodate one car seat, then your options are way more. The universal car seat adapter that comes with the Bumbleride double stroller accepts lots of other branded stroller models.










Overall, the Bumbleride Indie Twin Strollerwould easily turn into the one of best double stroller for all outdoors loving, active parents looking for a comfortable and easy to use all terrain double stroller that also looks good. It has a strong quality build and great maneuverability. Your babies will feel safe and comfortable during shopping trips and walks in the park, beach or town center.



The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is one of the double strollers that can easily fit into the best double stroller category. It has all it  - great maneuverability, easy fold and offers a comfortable ride for the babies and their parents. But let’s get into details and find out if this double jogging stroller has any cons too.






As the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is a double jogging stroller, I will start with the feature I find most important when talking about this type of double strollers and these are the wheels. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double is fitted with one 12 inch front swivelling wheel and two 16 inch rear ones.



The wheels are air-filled pneumatic ones and resemble bicycle wheels. All of them have their own suspension system that ensures the smooth ride of your babies no matter the type of terrain and the greatest thing about them is that you can lock the front swiveling wheel by using a lock located on the side of the handle. Why is this so great? Well, you do not need to bend down and get dirty by messing about with the locks that are usually located under the front wheels.





Another great feature that makes the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double one of the best jogging strollers is the fact that it is equipped with a foot brake that completely locks the rear wheels and a hand brake that stops the front wheel and functions in exactly the same way as a bicycle hand brake does. I find this to be a great thing to have, especially when you are running downhill and you have the feeling that the stroller goes too fast.







As all double jogging strollers, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double also offers a hand string that will prevent the stroller from slipping too far away from you while you are running. Of course, you will not be using your stroller for jogging only, so the size and the ease of folding is very important and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double ticks these two boxes from the list of  best double strollers features.

It is 32 inches wide that makes it capable to fit through any standard door and the seats are tall enough so that you can fit a 44 inch tall child in them. The dimensions of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Doublewhen folded are of 33.75″ long and 15.5″ tall and retaining the same with of 32 inches.









Pretty standard for a jogging stroller and good enough to fit into a standard car trunk. When talking about putting the double stroller in the trunk another thing that is important is the weight. In this case the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double offer 36.2 pounds, which is fairly standard and close to most competitor brands weight.

I do not find it difficult or exhausting to fold and lift the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double to put it in the trunk after I have been jogging. Besides, the fold is actually one more feature that definitely turn the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double into the best double stroller. It is a one move fold where you only need to pull up the fold strap located on each of the seats and unfolding is as easy too.  





As I have now mentioned the seats, I need to have a detailed look into them as they are of course one of the most important things about my babies. Both seats are covered with a nice, soft wipe clean material and comprise of a 5-point harness that secures the kids while you are just walking around or jogging.

The upright position is not 90 degrees, but pretty close, so that your noisy little ones can look around and the recline is not 180 degrees flat, but it is pretty close and will ensure the comfortable nap of your tired little one.





You will be easily able to fit a 45 inch tall child in each seat and every seat takes up to 50 lbs of weight. The feet space for the babies is smaller than other competitor brands offer in their double jogging stroller models, but on the other hand that makes the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double way more maneuverable.

Each seat is also fitted with a massive UV50+ canopy and each canopy has two peek-a-boo windows on top and a vent on the side that allows better airflow on a warm day. One thing that I do not particularly like is the fact that the peek-a-boo windows close with a velcro that unfortunately sometimes has waken up the asleep babies, so I have learnt my way to open them slowly and quietly.




One more thing that some parents might not like is that the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double has a handlebar that doesn’t allow adjusting. This doesn’t have to put you off as I am only 5’3 and my husband is 6’ tall and we both feel quite comfortable when pushing the double jogging stroller out and about.

Although the handlebar is not adjustable, it doesn’t come with a parent's tray, but you can of course buy one separately. Last, but not least is the storage bin. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double has one that takes up to 10 pounds of load and is very easily accessible from the sides of the stroller and maybe not that much from the back of the stroller. There is of course, some more additional storage space in the seats back pockets.






Overall, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double can easily be titled one of the best double strollers as it has all that a parents would want when taking their two little ones on walks in the park, shopping, or involving them in outdoor activities like jogging and running. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double can easily become your everyday double stroller, as it offers great maneuverability no matter the type of terrain. If you go for the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double, you will definitely make an investment that would be worth every cent.


If you fancy taking the children out on a bike ride with you? why not checkout our double bike trailers by clicking here.



The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is the one to go for when you are looking for a double jogging stroller for a decent price. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that more expensive competitors models have, but it will serve you efficiently when shopping, taking walks in the park or city center and of course when jogging.







The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is actually at the bottom of our best double stroller list, but it offers the quality needed at a great price and we think that it will easily become one of the best strollers for quite a lot of parents. Let’s figure out the pros and cons of the InStep double stroller and see what you are getting for your money.

First of all, as many other double jogging strollers, the In Step Safari is equipped with one 12 inch front swivelling wheel and two 16 inch rear ones. They are all pneumatic and require filling them with air from time to time. The great thing about that is that pneumatic wheels in comparison to others absorb the bumps extremely well and ensure a comfortable ride for your babies. The valve of the InStep double stroller wheels is slightly curved, so it is easy to access and to pump up with an air compressor or a bike tire pump.






The front wheel can be locked into place for a faster pace when jogging and unlocked to swivel freely when walking with the double stroller. The feel when pushing the stroller is of being lightweight and easy to take a walk with. It has a great maneuverability and in this sense the InStep double stroller even beats some of the other double jogging strollers offered by more expensive brands.






The widest point of the InStep double stroller measures 32 inches that will make it fit through any standard doorways, but you have to be prepared that there will be places you can’t visit with the stroller. Some parents might get a feel of flimsiness when they first push the InStep Safari, but the double stroller is actually quite sturdy and easy to jog with.






The lightweight frame ends up with a rubberized handlebar that offers easy grip and parent's tray with little closed compartment and two cupholders. Yeah, the compartment is small, but you do not even get it with more expensive strollers, so it is a plus. The handlebar is not adjustable, but would fit very well anyone between 5’ and 6’ of height. The brake of the InStep Safari is manual and it is located on the side of the handlebar, but depending on your height you might feel it is a little bit low located and out of your reach.






In regards of the weight, I need to say that although it feels lightweight when pushing it, once folded it is heavy thing to lift up. The InStep double stroller weighs 38 pounds which is just above the average for the competition, but may be because it is somewhat bulky when folded it feels even heavier.

The In Step double stroller is quite easy to fold as you only release the two buttons on the sides of the handlebar, but as I said it is hard to lift up and it definitely won’t fit in a small trunk. It takes up quite a lot of storage space, so unless you own an SUV, forget about transporting the InStep Safari in the trunk.







Talking bout storage space, I need to mention to storage bin located under the seats. It is very generous, but you can’t really use it to a full extend as there is a divider in the middle. You can fit a lot of small items, but an entire big diaper bag would be hard to fit in.

Now let’s talk about the seats as they also have their pros and cons. They are big and roomy and take up to 50 pounds of weight each, so in regards of weight you will be able to accommodate even a 5 year old in them. On the other hand, they are 19 inch high, so taller children will not feel that comfortable. This is an important point, as some other brands offer enough space for 45 inch tall children that leads to using the double jogging stroller for longer.







If this is not a concern for you, then you will be completely ecstatic about the flip open kids tray that each seat is equipped with. The trays are located in a good distance from the seats, so your babies will not feel squished between the backrest and the tray even when in a completely upright position. Each seat reclines to nearly full flat position, I would say about 150 degrees that makes it comfortable for the tired little passengers to take a nap and has 5-point harness to ensure the safety of the babies.





The fabric is easy to wipe clean, but the seats as a whole could be better padded, as this is important for a double jogging stroller that is aimed to ensure comfortable ride for the babies, when the parents are jogging. The foot room for the little ones could have been bigger too, but it is just enough taken the fact that you can’t fit really tall kids in the stroller. Although the canopies might feel a bit flimsy, they are generous and have five points of adjustment, so your babies will be well protected from the sun.






Conclusion, the InStep double stroller is a great choice for parents on a budget in the need of a jogging stroller. It offers good quality for the price and even some extras that other more expensive models do not have. It does require maintenance and has its cons, but in general you will be happy to have it and your babies will enjoy the walks out with their active parents.



Here is another one of the double jogging stroller reviews we have prepared for you and this is the Tike Tech Double City double jogging stroller. It is aimed for active parents who like taking walks around town with their little ones, but at the same time keep fit by jogging with the babies in the park. This is not one of the cheapest double strollers that you could invest in on the market and there is good reason for that, the double stroller is awesome! We have added this detailed article so that you can have a closer look at what you are getting for the your money with the Tike Tech double stroller!


tike 1




The Tike Tech Double City is a double jogging stroller with probably the best front swiveling wheels available that measure 9 inch a piece and come equipped for any terrain and the rear ones measure 12 inches. The wheels are aluminium with rubber pneumatic tires that are very similar to a bicycle wheels. This is great as it provides smoother ride for your babies and makes the double jogging stroller handle all type of terrains, but to be honest the front wheel feels a little bit wobbly even when it is locked in position for jogging.




There are some inexpensive double strollers that come with a more stable front wheels, but unfortunately with less features than the Tike Tech jogging stroller.



Usually, the bigger pneumatic wheels provide better maneuverability to the double stroller and in the case of the Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller it is so to a certain point where compared to BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller or Baby Jogger it can’t take turns so smoothly and sometimes you might tip the double stroller sideways when taking a turn.


tike 2

However, this is the feel I have only because I am comparing it to other double jogging strollers, but it seems that if the Tike Tech is your first double stroller then you will actually find it extemely maneuverable and easy to roll while you are out and about.


There is also another feature that is a bit controversial and this is the aluminium frame. I find it to be a great feature as it makes the Tike Tech one of the
best lightweight jogging strollers, but some moms complained about the frame being so flexible that they feel like the stroller can go out of control sometimes when going faster than cruise control. I guess this depends on the type of terrain you are rolling the stroller on, but when I am jogging in the park and I have the front wheel locked I do not feel like the double stroller adds to my workout :)

What adds in a way to the maneuverability of the double jogging stroller is the fact that it is wide just enough to fit through a standard doorway, so you can use it not only for jogging, but for shopping and walks around the town center. The Tike Tech Double city jogging stroller also features a rubberized, adjustable handle and a parent's tray with two cupholders and built in speakers that can be hooked up to almost all MP3 players and phones. Another great feature are the individual kid’s trays that swing open,  fitted with cupholders as well.


tike 3



The kid’s seats are roomy and take up to 50 lbs each. They come with machine washable sheepskin liner that will keep your babies warm on cold days, but you have to take off when it’s hot. The fabric underneath the liners is easy to wipe clean, but there has been complaints that it tares off with time. The seats are also equipped with a 5-point safety harness and a one hand recline strap system that allows about 130 degrees back recline. I would have expected to have a full recline, but unfortunately this is not the case. The babies still feel comfortable when taking a nap, but the lack of full recline just takes the Tike Tech Double stroller off the chart for an awesome double stroller.


tech 4



Another small downfall is the brake or in this case the brakes, as they are double foot brakes and need both sides to be engaged so that the double stroller can be secured in place. This is particularly annoying for parents who already have enough with one foot brake hard to hit and release when in flip flops or sandals.

What makes it up in a way is the fact that the Tike Tech Double Jogging Stroller doesn’t take a lot of storage space and it would fit easily into almost every car trunk. Folding it requires both hands pushing on buttons on both sides, which some parents might find odd, compared to one hand fold offered by competitors, but on the other hand provides greater safety.




Another feature that somewhat makes up for the design flaws of the Tike Tech stroller are the individual canopies. They are of an average size that wouldn’t cover the kids completely from the sun, but a fair part of them. The canopies have small peek-a-boo windows and plastic shades, so the communication between parents and babies is good at all times.


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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith