The Phil&Teds Sport Buggy Stroller with Double Kit is the company offer for active parents who would like to jog with their babies. The advantage of the Phil & Teds Sport Double Stroller is that in comparison to the other double jogging strollers available it is narrower, but at the same time ensuring the same comfortable and roomy seats for your babies.

One thing I would like to mention before I start with the Phil&Teds Sport Buggy Stroller review is that it was previously known as Navigator and you will possibly still find it on amazon and other listings under the name of Navigator.







The Phil andTeds Sport Buggy Stroller is an all terrain double stroller that is perfectly suitable for jogging in the park and walks in the city or shopping with your babies. One feature that might not seem very important, but to me (and other parents who have had the chance to test it) gets the Phil and Teds Double Stroller to the top of my double stroller list is the auto-stop function. Basically, this prevents your double stroller from rolling away while you are not holding it. To me it has been very useful, when I have been chasing my toddler while the baby is still sitting in the stroller.







As I have already mentioned, the Phil and Teds Sport Double Stroller much more slim-line than other double jogging strollers with its 23 inches in the widest part, so you are completely safe to walk through narrow doors and when shopping around the isles. It is also one of the most lightweight double strollers  - only 31 lbs as a double. It looks a bit bulky when folded, but it actually doesn’t take a lot of storage space and if needed you can easily pop off the wheels.

Talking about folding, the Phil & Teds Sport Double Stroller is easy to fold even with one hand, but unlike the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller and Phil & Teds Dash Double Stroller, you need to take the rear seat off in order to fold it. It is also important to know that the Phil & Teds Sport Double Stroller doesn't stand upright when folded and if you are not careful with that you might scratch the handlebar.





Another thing that differs from the upscaled Phil and Teds Voyager Double Stroller and Phil & Teds Dash Double Stroller are the wheels. Instead of the forever air ones, the Phil & Teds Sport Double Stroller is equipped with three 12 inch air-filled wheels that needs pumping up every now and then. Although, this might be a bit of a hustle for some parents, it will pay off with a smooth ride and an inline double stroller capable to provide smooth ride even when jogging with it.

When compared to other double jogging strollers, like the BOB for example, the Phil & Teds Sport Double Stroller doesn’t feel as sturdy and durable, but it always have the advantage of being slimmer.




There is something the other strollers can’t offer and this is the versatility in the seat’s positions. The Phil & Teds Sport offers 26 different ones to be exact, inclusive a parent facing newborn suitable seat. You will be able to use your Phil & Teds Stroller with two car seats as well and the list of the ones suitable is quite long, but you need to get the respective adapter: phil&teds alpha, Mountain Buggy protect, Maxi-Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton, Graco classic connect, Graco Click Connect and Chicco Keyfit, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.





Apart from being versatile in the configurations, the seats are roomy and comfortable. Both are fitted with a 5 point harness, but there has been some complaints of the straps being too short. The front seat takes up to 55 lbs and the rear one up to 33, and I have never had a problem with strapping my 4 year old at the front and the 2 year old at the back.


The canopy of the front seat is not the largest I have seen, but is large enough to offer the sun protection needed. The rear seat doesn’t have a canopy at all and this is something that is a must for every stroller to get to be the best stroller of your choice. The rear seat reclines and although it gets shade from the front one, I still think it would be great to have its own canopy.






Also if your little child is a bit taller it might get too close to the front seat and if the kid likes watching the world then you are better off with getting a side-by-side double stroller or a double stroller for twins.

The Phil and Teds Sport Double Stroller has an adjustable handle and a large storage bin, but with the second seat installed it gets hard to reach. On the other hand, even with the two kids in it, the The Phil and Teds Sport Double Stroller is very easily maneuverable and will take you smoothly through all kind of terrains, will take the curbs and turns with ease and you will love taking out your kids on a quick trips to the shops.





Although it is advertised as a double jogging stroller, I think the Phil and Teds will not be your first choice if you really want to go for a run, however, if you are an outdoors loving parent and you are on the hunt for a great double stroller to handle all type of terrains and comfortable for walks in the city, then you will consider the Sport Double Stroller.



Phil and Teds Voyager Stroller WITH Doubles Kit is one of the best double strollers you could possibly find to be used from birth until your family grows to four members. It is luxurious and versatile and of course it comes at a price. However, you would have no regrets that you have made that investment as Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller will serve you well through the years.



What will put the Phil and Teds Voyager Double Stroller on top of your best double stroller list is the fact that it is suitable for one child, two kids of different age or for twins since newborns - the configurations are endless and we will have a look at them in our Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller review

  1. Bassinet

If you have only one newborn so far, you can use the Phil & Teds Voyager Double Stroller as a single stroller with the main seat converted into a bassinet. It only takes few steps of snapping and zipping to transform the main seat into a comfortable bassinet to be used since birth. In case you are starting of with twins, then you have the possibility to do the same with the second seat and use them both as bassinets. One of them is placed parent facing and the other would be world facing.

If you are worried that mounted with two large bassinets, you won’t have access to the storage bin - worry no more. You can easily get to the storage bin and there is plenty of room for your items.


2. Car seat

If you already have a car seat available, you can get an adapter and attach it to the Phil & Teds Voyager Double Stroller frame. With a second set of adapters you will be able to attach two car seats for newborn twins in the same configuration as the bassinets - one parent facing and one world facing. The adapters are compatible with most leading car seats brands, but before you make a purchase check with Phil and Teds website.



3. Seats

As I have mentioned the seats convert into bassinets for newborns, but if your babies are already over six months old, they will find themselves sitting in a comfortable and roomy seats. The front seats can take up to 44 lbs and is 24 inches high; and the doubles kit takes up to 33 lbs with a height of the seat of 16.5 inches. Both seats are nicely padded and fitted with easy click 5-point harness for greater security. The fabric is waterproof and easy to wipe clean and the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller comes in four appealing colours. Mine is gray marble, as I find it the most practical, but the choice of colour is very personal thing anyway.



Phil and Teds Voyager Double Stroller also offers parent facing or world facing front seat with a generous canopy that has a zipped side pocket for additional storage and a second seat with a canopy that actually protects the baby from sun and can be reclined for a snoozing baby.

I wanted to underline that, because not many second seats of an inline double stroller recline, but the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller one does and it is great that both babies can have a nap while travelling with you.



Apart of the great seats, the baby's comfort is ensured by the two 8 inch front wheels with suspension and the rear 12 inch “aeromaxx” wheels. The aeromaxx wheels feel like air-filled, but actually you won’t need to pump them up ever, so this is something that shoots the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller to the top of the best double stroller list straight away.




The cool features do not end up here. Parents are spoiled with an adjustable handle, an easy to operate handbrake and a massive storage bin that not only can take up to 22 lbs of weight, but is also easy to reach even with the double kits installed.



In my opinion, the feature that makes the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller one of the best double strollers and completely blows the competition out of the water is the fact that you can fold the double stroller without needing to snap off the seats. It take a few more steps to fold it and may be 5 minutes of practice, but at the end you can fold it with the seats mounted - how cool is that?! On top of that the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller weighs only 35 lbs with the double kits installed, so is no heavier than any other double stroller.


Apart from being lightweight, thanks to its anodized aluminium frame, the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller is also very maneuverable. It is a piece of cake to take on curbs and turns, you do not need to worry about tight doors and spaces, as this is an inline double stroller and would fit any type of narrow spaces and the aeromaxx wheels will get you smoothly to any type of terrain.




There is nothing to fault the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller for, apart from the price. It is close to one of the most expensive double strollers available, but in my honest opinion, it gives you more and will serve you well for longer. It is not only a good quality of a double stroller, but it is actually luxurious - you can feel that in every detail from the frame to the seats and even in the way it actually strolls. If you are planning to invest money into getting the best double stroller, then you should definitely consider Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller.

 logoPhil and Ted is one of the companies that are orientated in the make of double strollers and they have managed to deliver to demanding parents the slimmest inline double strollers so far - the Dot stroller. With a range of over 70 products, Phil and Ted have won the parents over with their particular and probably signature double-decker double strollers, but the Dot turns out to be the best double stroller they have come up with so far.




Phil and Teds double stroller is aimed for parents who live in the city, use public transport and go through narrow doors in shopping centers and doctor’s practices. With its slim design of only 23 inches in its widest part and light weight of 26 lbs. Phil and Teds double stroller Dot is the answer for all active, living in the city parents of two young children.

On the other hand, the three 10 inch air-filled wheels make it one of the best double strollers to be used outdoors and on all terrains as they make your babies feel comfortable during the smooth ride.





The main seat included in the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot with doubles kit is 11 inches wide and 28 inches high that makes it quite comfortable for children from newborn to 44 lbs that it is aimed for. Another feature that is worth mentioning right here is that the canopy actually slides up and down the frame, so that you can adjust the height depending on your child's age and seating position. The seat allows you to recline it to fully flat sleeping position, which is great if you have chosen the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot to be used as a single stroller for a newborn with the idea to grow your family in the near future.




I need to say though, that to get the seat into that fully reclined position is a bit of a workout, as it has buckle straps on both sides that will make your baby’s body sway from side to side while you are adjusting them. Once you have managed to get the seat to a fully reclined position you have the option to leave the gap that will open in the material as it is, so that air can circulate in hot weather, or close it with a plastic see through cover attached by velcro.




The main seat of the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot is fitted with 5 point padded harness to ensure the safety of your baby, same as the second seat that actually offers two ways to be attached to the stroller. You can place it facing the main seat and accommodate your toddler in it, while the newborn lies in the fully reclined position of the main seat or you can fit the second seat under the main one as this option is more convenient for two toddlers. The second seat is 13 inches wide and 24 inches long, so both seats are spacious and comfortable. Both are equipped with canopies, although these are the smallest we have seen available, so you will be better off not relying on these to protect your children from the sun.


phil teds dot compact stroller with double kit one hand fast fold




The Phil and Teds double stroller Dot also comes with an adjustable handle bar and a runaway strap, so that you feel comfortable when pushing the stroller and safe if you forget to hit the break. Talking about the break, it is super easy to put it on with your foot, even if you are wearing flip flops, but unfortunately it is not that easy to turn on or off the swivelling option of the front wheel. The actual button is located under and behind the front wheel, so it is difficult, especially when you already have the kids mounted in the stroller. On the other hand, it is really easy and outdoes even some of the best double strollers available is to fold the Phil and Teds double stroller. You are actually able to do it with one hand as you just need to pull the bar under the seat and lift the stroller. It is very compact and easy to fit in the trunk of your car once folded.The Phil and Teds double stroller also features a bumper bar for the main seat that is washable. There are also a lot of accessories offered to buy separately, but very convenient so that you can make the stroller to meet all of your particular needs.





There is no doubt, that the Phil and Teds double stroller is one of the best double strollers available due to its slim design and great manoeuvrability. It is a particularly great product to own when you have a child and you plan on another one, as a toddler and a newborn will feel comfortable and safe. However, there are few things that could have been done better, like the size and stability of the canopy, as well as the buckle strap reclining option, in order to justify the price of the stroller.

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