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Baby Trend is a brand that has been on the market for around  years now and this is not the longest period in comparison to other brands, but they have managed to already establish their name in the sphere of baby and nursery products. Although the brand is offering a full range of products that you might need when you are expecting a baby, I will concentrate on the strollers, and of course especially on the double ones as Baby Trend double strollers are just one of the best and most affordable double strollers that you can get your hands on. Baby Trend has managed to produce the first sit and stand double stroller and to introduce the Snap and Go system. Baby Trend sit n stand double strollers have won the mom's all over the world with their lightweight and great maneuverability.

What every mom would want from the best double stroller would be safety and the ability to fit it anywhere and through all kinds of doors in stores, doctors practices and so on… and Baby Trend have managed to satisfy this need in a superb way by releasing the Sit n Stand double stroller. I also need to mention the Baby Trend double jogging strollers, as they are a great thing to have if you are an active parent and would like to take your babies with you when jogging in the park. The Baby Trend double jogging strollers are always fitted with bicycle wheels that make pushing the double stroller easy and turn your jogging session into a precious time that you spend with your little ones.

In our double stroller reviews me and the other parents we have in our team have tried to cover all the features that the strollers are fitted with and give and honest point of view and underline the cons we have found, so that you can receive a better understanding of what to look for and if the double stroller is actually the right for you. Baby Trend double strollers have some minuses that you will find out about when going through the reviews we have prepared, but in general the brand comes up with a great range of double strollers that offer great quality and affordable price.

We have tried to cover all the models of Baby Trend double strollers including the double joggers and sit and stand double strollers and we are intending to continue adding reviews as soon as we have tried them out and made our conclusions. Baby Trend offers quite a lot of double strollers and what is even better is that each modification comes into a bunch of different colours. You would probably say that the colour is not so important, but when you have a choice and a very affordable double stroller, then you feel nice having the ability to even pick the colour of your liking.

The Baby Trend “Expedition” Double jogging stroller is perfect for families that either have twins or 2 children around the same age but would like take the kiddies with them when going for a run. The “Expedition” is perfect for such activities with its tough and durable body frame.
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Another fantastic Double Jogging Stroller from Baby Trend is the “Navigator”. Perfect for taking along your 2 kids with you are out and about. The “Navigator” is designed so you can cruise along at your jogging speed without having to worry about your children’s comfort.
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A great sit and stand stroller especially if you have 2 little girls that love “Hello Kitty”. The sit and stand can accommodate either twins or 2 small children of different ages. The smaller child can sit in the box office seat while your older child can stand on the back when she is tired from walking.
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The Baby Trend “Snap N Go” Double Stroller is an unique double stroller frame enabling you to place your car seats to it for your twins. It is really easy to assemble and disassemble. If you have twins and you are on the move quite a lot then the “Snap N Go” is something you should look more into. Please see our full review below.
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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith