If you are an active parent, that maintains healthy lifestyle by running or jogging, but you have two little ones, that you can’t leave, then you might find getting a double jogging stroller to be just the right way to go. There are quite a few products on the market that address that need, but Baby Trend Expedition Double Joggerhas proven to be one of the best double strollers that is really easy to use from the parents and keeps your babies safe and comfortable.



This Baby Trend double stroller is particularly convenient for parents who are looking for a lightweight jogging stroller with bicycle wheels to help them enjoy the outdoors together with their little ones and manoeuvre with ease on the sidewalks and off and on the curbs.


Features of  Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger:

This double jogging stroller has its weight, but due to the lightweight bicycle wheels, it feels really easy to push and it doesn’t make you use so much muscle to move around with it. The rear wheels are 16” pneumatic and the front one, that is of 12” also has a swivelling option which is particularly comfortable for walks around town and can be locked in place when you are actually jogging with the double stroller. It is wide as all other double jogging strollers are and you might find it sometimes hard to fit through some doors, but at the end of the day it is designed to be used outdoors. What makes it one of the best jogging strollers is the ease that you can fold it with and put it in the trunk of your car. That is quite important especially if you have grandparents taking the kids out with it as well.

The next great feature the Baby Trend jogger is fitted with are the two 5-point harness seatbelts that ensure the safety of your children while you jog with them and the ability to turn them into lap belts by unclasping the two upper straps when the children get bigger.




This particular double jogging stroller is aimed for growing children from 6 to 50 lbs and up to 42 inches in height and the only disadvantage in the design is that you can’t fit a car seat to it. On the other hand the Baby Trend stroller offers you the option to change the position of the seats independently of each other by loosening or tightening each buckle strap located at the back of each seat. The fact that Baby Trend jogging stroller is actually fitted with a buckle strap for the multi-position reclining seats makes it even better than one of the best double jogging strollers that use just a drawstring.


Another feature that is worth mentioning is the shade canopy, as it folds up and down in a way that you can even place it in front of your children’s faces and they will be protected independently from which side the sun is coming from. On top of the canopy there is also a parent screen located, so that you can have constant control over your little ones.

The Baby Trend double jogging stroller also comes with a parent tray that is fitted with two cup holders and a little storage space in between them where you can keep your keys or phone for instance. Just under the parent tray there is a hand string that gives you additional control when stopping the stroller from moving with the rear foot brake.



You also have some more storage space under the seats, that is not as big as other double jogging strollers offer, but still enough to carry a set of clothes and snacks for your children.

The stroller turns to offer a lot of features and at the same time keeps being easy to assemble and use. With a price of around $200 depending on the colour that you prefer it in, it is great for growing children and active parents.


If you fancy going on a bike ride with your little ones, why not checkout our bike trailer for kids by clicking here. 



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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith