The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, as the name suggests is aimed for twins, but it has also proven to be one of the best double strollers suitable for children with a year years age gap. The Chicco Echo is a great choice if you are looking for a double umbrella stroller for under $200.



When you first take your Chicco double stroller out of the box, the fact that the wheels are not attached might be overwhelming, but actually it’s very quick and easy and you can even do it without reading the instructions. You will also be surprised to see how compact it is when still folded and as every double umbrella stroller, it doesn’t take a big deal of space in its width. You can fold it and unfold it with one hand and what is even better is that you can store layed on the side or even upright as the related breaks the Chicco double stroller is fitted with stay on even when it is folded. It also has a handle on the side that makes this lightweight double stroller even easier to lift and carry.



Talking about handles, I need to say that the handle of this particular model of Chicco double stroller is not adjustable, so my advice would be, before you buy online, to actually step into a shop and try it out to see how the handle will fit you and your height. Other than that, it feels very comfortable as it is padded with a non slip material.



If you have actually tried the Umbrella stroller, you will be surprised to realize how easy it is to push it. Due to its light weight and the swivelling wheels it is easy to maneuver around with it. However, bare in mind that it is a side by side umbrella stroller and it is wider and turning might feel a bit more difficult at the beginning compared to turning with a single stroller. Also you might feel that pushing it around on a rougher terrains is difficult, but then all you need to do is lock the front wheels into place and you will immediately feel a difference.

Although it is wider, it does fit through doors, as long as they are not too narrow. The Chicco stroller is also fitted with nicely padded seats that are fully and independently reclinable. Each one of them can hold a child weight of up to 40 lbs that will be secured with a 5 point harness. Each seat is also equipped with an adjustable canopy and adjustable leg rest. The canopies are fairly small, but I have noticed that this is always present as a point to be improved when it comes to double umbrella strollers.


You can completely remove the canopies if you like or just unzip them a bit so that you can keep an eye on your little ones.

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is recommended to be used for children of over 6 months old and that is completely true. Although the seats can recline to fully flat lay down position and are well padded, a small baby wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable. My advise would be to use the stroller for babies who can hold their heads up by themselves or even better when they are stable when sitting.

Under each seat you have a mesh basket to carry all the baby gear needed for walks in the park or around the city. They are big enough, but you might find them difficult to reach when the babies are sleeping with the seat reclined all the way through.




Although, this umbrella stroller is not as packed with features as other double umbrella strollers available on the market are, it is a comfortable and easy to use. It is very sturdy and you would expect it to last at least three years. What makes it one of the best double strollers is the high quality you will get for a great price.

A lot of high end brands offer complicated travel systems, but if you are looking for a straightforward, easy to use, lightweight double stroller for under $200, then the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller will definitely be on your wish list.

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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith