Although the double stroller we will have a detailed look at today is Baby Jogger City Select it is by no means meant for jogging. It is though, one of the best double strollers offering a sturdy construction, very good maneuverability and great versatility when it comes to the position of the seats.



The City Select double stroller claims to be one of the best travel systems and in my opinion it gets to be having in mind that you can choose between over 16 possible configurations of front facing, parent facing or sibling facing positioning of the seats. You can also start using it as a single stroller and start adding to it a second seat and even a glider board for the time when you already have 3 new members of the family. The only downfall in this regards is that all the accessories are bought separately.

When you first receive the box, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the weight and size of it, but this is due to the fact that it comes nearly assembled. The Stroller is a bit heavier than other double strollers, but you can take this as a plus if you are looking for a stable and sturdy stroller to last you from having your first baby to growing your family with even more than two children.

Once you have managed to take it out of the box (or may be your partner has) it is really easy to just pop the wheels into place and you are ready. No need to mess about with tiny parts and screws. The second seat kit that comes included with the City Select double stroller contains two arms to be attached on the lower part of the frame and a seat, same as the main one, that slides into them.


I started playing around with positioning the two seats, as I really wanted to test the options and it actually feels great to have so many options although it is a bit time consuming and you should be prepared for a little work out, which is not a big of a deal as moms with even one baby are ready for.



If you start using the City Select double stroller as a single stroller than you will find the one button that you need to push in order to get the seat reclined very convenient. It has few reclining positions according to baby’s needs, including full recline for taking a nap. However, when you attach the second seat the reclining options get less, but still not as bad as other double strollers I have tried. The Double jogging stroller comes very handy for twins too as the seats can take up to 45 lbs. each and you can position the babies facing each other.Another great feature is that the foot rest of each seat is adjustable as well and all you need to do is to click a button.




When it comes to car seats, you need to buy an adapter separately, but once you have it there is a pretty good range of car seat models that you can fit in the stroller. The seats of the stroller are made of soft and breathable fabric, easy to wipe off. They are equipped with a well padded 5 point harness and a canopy made out of the same fabric as the seats. The canopy is larger than the ones that other brands offer and it has a peek-a-boo window with a flap that closes magnetically. The canopy is easily adjustable and removable.

Very easily adjustable as well is the handle, as all you need to do is to press the button located right in the middle of it and pull back the telescopic handle. On the other hand, this can be a bit tricky as you may accidently push that button when maneuvering the stroller with one hand, holding the handle in the middle.



However, the wheels will make up for that little design fault, as they are big and sturdy. The front ones are 8 inch foam filled rubber wheels with swivelling option and the rear ones are 12 inch “forever-air” tires that will provide comfortable ride to your little ones and easy maneuvering on all terrains for the parents.



The City Select stroller has one particular feature that makes it a great purchase and that is the hand activated brake located on the right side of the handle. Unlike, the foot activated brakes of other double strollers the handbrake allows you to wear your best new shoes or flip flops when out with the kids :)

Last, but not least is the great storage bin the City Select double stroller is equipped with. It is packed with zippers that help you make it even bigger if needed.




There are just a couple of minuses in comparison to other competitor brands. One is that the City Select double stroller doesn’t come with any accessories and you have to get everything separately and the other one is that the stroller is overall a bit heavy. This is not the type of stroller where you can easily get your kids into and pop out to the grocery store, but it is ideal for outdoors loving parents and kids and will last you for years. What makes the City select one of the best double strollers is the versatility and high quality of the product itself, the sturdiness of the frame and wheels and the comfort it will bring to your babies.

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