Are you an active and fun parent like us, going biking, jogging and occasional stroll with kids near beach? If so, you might have noticed that there is always a problem with regular stroller when you go out with the kids. The stroller makes it worse and takes it lot away from the fun trip. So, how do we cope with this problem? Well, we just used Joovy Cocoon enclosed double stroller. And, it’s great.



Joovy Cocoon x2 is an amazing and unique trailer that can be used as a stroller, bike trailer and jogger. This is the great effort of Joovy, the stroller company, to produce this great trailer stroller

Joovy Cocoonx2 is small, compact, multipurpose and really easy. The maintenance is also super easy and fun for the parents. The double stroller can provide very comfy and fun ride to two kids at a time, each of at least 30 pounds. And, performs equally as trailer, stroller or a jogger.



Our kids fell in love with it soon after their first ride in the stroller and started calling it their ‘Car’. In fact, I realised with my kid the Joovy Cocoon X2 is just like a car, for kids. It is enclosed and protects the kids from things such as snow, wind, water and has plastic windows to let kids see where they are going.





Moreover, it provides comfort in very stylish design with a tough durable build.

Here, is our closer look at the Joovy Enclosed Double Stroller.

Technical Specifications of the Joovy CocoonX2,

Weight of the Stroller- 35 Pounds

Max weight limit for the Stroller- 100 Pounds

Maximum age limit for the kids- 5 years

Dimensions of the Trailer- 40 x 31 x 20 inches

Dimensions inside- 23’’/23’’

Minimum age- 6 months age a stroller and 12 months as a Jogger

Storage Compartment dimensions- 23” H x 23” W x 9” D

Salient Features of the Joovy Cocoonx2 enclosed double Stroller:

Joovy enclosed bike stroller is double stroller packed with pretty interesting features. The features like extra set of front wheel to turn it into jogger, high handle bars and large storage compartments make it stand out among any other trailer in the market.

1.      Larger and Improved Sealed wheels

Joovy CocoonX2 has got pretty large and impressive wheels for any stroller. The wheels of Joovy Cocoon are sleek and sealed for the smooth ride and at the same time strong enough to travel as a double stroller on any terrain.

The wheels are highly durable and make it really easy for kid, even if this Joovy double stroller is used as the Double stroller Bike Trailer. They reduce the effect on the child during the bumps and make their ride smooth as silk.


2.       Large Storage Compartment

Joovy double Strollers have one signature to them, they have pretty impressive storage compartments, no matter the model of stroller.

You can notice the same ideology with new CocoonX2. It has got the largest Storage compartment any child trailer can have, period. The storage is big enough to fit the mummy’s purse, phone and extra coats for the children.

3.       Protective and Enclosed Chassis

Even though the Chassis is not full aluminium like a car, it provides equal protection to your kid. Transparent plastic windows enable children to see outside the trailer and protect them from snow, rain and sun.





The Chassis looks weak but it provided very good protection to our children even in very heavy rainfall.

4.       Easy folding features

Joovy Cocoon stroller is pretty big for a stroller you would take everywhere to run your errands, because most of the time it won’t fit through the door. And, it would be really difficult to fit in car assembled.


Fortunately, you can fold it. You can fold the stroller and reduce its size by more than 80% and fit inside the trunk of any car or take inside any store. Additionally, you can detach the wheels of the stroller if you want and decrease the size even more.


5.       Equal Performance at 3 different modes of use:


Even though I mentioned this  last, the greatest feature of Joovy Cocoon x2 which makes it different from other double strollers is It can be used for three different things, a stroller, a bike trailer and or a double jogging stroller.

You can use the Cocoon x2 to stroll you kids normally, as you do in other strollers. The advantage is your kids will be safe from, rain, wind and dirt outside.If you attach a wheel to the front of the stroller, the Joovy Cocoonx2 stroller can transform from a double stroller into double enclosed stroller. You can go to park running without any trouble.

With Extra Latch to attach the trailer to the bike, you can use the Cocoonx2 as the Bike trailer and take your kids to have fun in the park. It is perfectly safe and strong enough for a bike trailer.

If you want to buy a front wheel to convert double stroller into jogger or latch to make it bike trailer, you would have to pay extra $70 to get those. Except that, there are no any other costs. As a whole this trailer is pretty sweet deal.


Final Verdict: Should you go for it?

If you love biking with your kids, taking them out on a stroll or a jog, then there is no better product for you than Joovy Cocoon X2 Enclosed Double Stroller. Even though there are many enclosed double strollers from different companies, none of them offer so many features at such minimal price, which makes it one of the Bike trailers.



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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith