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Regardless of their small size, babies can be rather heavy, especially when you have two of them with you. What Phil and Teds offer is an unique, well structured Double Strollers that are designed for maximum comfort for  children and parents alike.  

A Double stroller usually offers 2 comfy seats for you little ones and Phil and Ted double strollers are no different unless you take into consideration the unique “slim-line” design that no other brands offer. Parents who want a stylish, slim, multi-functional stroller usually opt for a Phil and Ted double stroller.

Discovering Phil and Ted double strollers
The Phil and Ted's organization supplies many “one of a kind”  inline double baby strollers that are designed for growing families with more than one child.  Parents can adjust the Double strollers to securely fit in two toddlers and move them independently to maximise your children's comfort.   

Phil and Teds most popular inline double strollers are the conventional, Dot, Navigator and Verve. Each one consists of unique factors that make them extremely useful for all your day to day adventures. Parents will need to familiarize themselves with all the features to ensure they make the most out of the fantastic double strollers!

The classic:
Phil and Ted's markets the 3-wheeled, incredibly maneuverable classic as their thrifty inline stroller. The classic works for newborns, preschoolers, and all ages in between. It folds up with just one hand for convenience.

The classic features an exceptionally comfortable five-factor protection harness and a totally adjustable seat that reclined in numerous positions and also can lay flat. The solar cover on the classic model has an extra slim solar visor so that Mommy or Daddy can flip out when the sun is blazing.

The Dot:
Like all other Phil and Ted double strollers, the Dot features a 3-wheeled layout. The Dot has an extra streamlined silhouette that other stroller models don’t have, however it still offers your toddlers 2 full-sized seats that are thickly padded for comfort. The slender design of the Dot allows you to move effortlessly in the supermarket aisles or navigate crowded town sidewalks more easily than other double strollers. There is also a one handed lever to disassemble the stroller effortlessly when it isn’t needed.

The Dot's unusual, safety-licensed design allows for a little ones to ride in the predominant seat at the same time as a toddler hitches a ride in a smaller seat just behind. Parents can use the extra seat beneath the main seat as storage, if only one child is venturing out with you. The Dot is extremely easy to clean as all the fabric can be removed easily.

The Navigator:
Phil and Teds Navigator double stroller is larger than the Dot or the classic. It is considered one of the best double strollers on the market. Unlike other double Strollers, the “Navigator” can be adjusted as your babies grow older as it has an array of features from adjustable or removable seats to reclinable canopies to ensure maximum comfort for your children at all times.  Like all Phil and Teds double strollers, it is designed for great maneuverability, whether you are in the park or in the city's busy streets.  

If you are looking for the “ferrari” of the stroller world then look no further than the double strollers from Phil&ted. This particular model is loaded with features and functions and you can see them in our detailed review below.
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Here is another beautifully designed Phil and Teds double stroller. The design is exactly what you expect from Phil&Ted, Slick, delicate and extremely easy on the eye. If you want to take your little ones out in style then the “Voyager” is definitely something to focus on. Take a more detailed look from our review below.
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Phil N’ Teds are often a front runner in the best double stroller markets and it's easy to see why. Stylish and extremely compact (but no way uncomfortable for you little ones). The Sport Buggy is designed so the you can take one or both your children with you when you want to burn off some of the extra calories. You can take a look at all our double jogging strollers by clicking here or for a more detailed review of the Phil and Teds sports buggy please click below.
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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith