logoPhil and Ted is one of the companies that are orientated in the make of double strollers and they have managed to deliver to demanding parents the slimmest inline double strollers so far - the Dot stroller. With a range of over 70 products, Phil and Ted have won the parents over with their particular and probably signature double-decker double strollers, but the Dot turns out to be the best double stroller they have come up with so far.




Phil and Teds double stroller is aimed for parents who live in the city, use public transport and go through narrow doors in shopping centers and doctor’s practices. With its slim design of only 23 inches in its widest part and light weight of 26 lbs. Phil and Teds double stroller Dot is the answer for all active, living in the city parents of two young children.

On the other hand, the three 10 inch air-filled wheels make it one of the best double strollers to be used outdoors and on all terrains as they make your babies feel comfortable during the smooth ride.





The main seat included in the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot with doubles kit is 11 inches wide and 28 inches high that makes it quite comfortable for children from newborn to 44 lbs that it is aimed for. Another feature that is worth mentioning right here is that the canopy actually slides up and down the frame, so that you can adjust the height depending on your child's age and seating position. The seat allows you to recline it to fully flat sleeping position, which is great if you have chosen the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot to be used as a single stroller for a newborn with the idea to grow your family in the near future.




I need to say though, that to get the seat into that fully reclined position is a bit of a workout, as it has buckle straps on both sides that will make your baby’s body sway from side to side while you are adjusting them. Once you have managed to get the seat to a fully reclined position you have the option to leave the gap that will open in the material as it is, so that air can circulate in hot weather, or close it with a plastic see through cover attached by velcro.




The main seat of the Phil and Teds double stroller Dot is fitted with 5 point padded harness to ensure the safety of your baby, same as the second seat that actually offers two ways to be attached to the stroller. You can place it facing the main seat and accommodate your toddler in it, while the newborn lies in the fully reclined position of the main seat or you can fit the second seat under the main one as this option is more convenient for two toddlers. The second seat is 13 inches wide and 24 inches long, so both seats are spacious and comfortable. Both are equipped with canopies, although these are the smallest we have seen available, so you will be better off not relying on these to protect your children from the sun.


phil teds dot compact stroller with double kit one hand fast fold




The Phil and Teds double stroller Dot also comes with an adjustable handle bar and a runaway strap, so that you feel comfortable when pushing the stroller and safe if you forget to hit the break. Talking about the break, it is super easy to put it on with your foot, even if you are wearing flip flops, but unfortunately it is not that easy to turn on or off the swivelling option of the front wheel. The actual button is located under and behind the front wheel, so it is difficult, especially when you already have the kids mounted in the stroller. On the other hand, it is really easy and outdoes even some of the best double strollers available is to fold the Phil and Teds double stroller. You are actually able to do it with one hand as you just need to pull the bar under the seat and lift the stroller. It is very compact and easy to fit in the trunk of your car once folded.The Phil and Teds double stroller also features a bumper bar for the main seat that is washable. There are also a lot of accessories offered to buy separately, but very convenient so that you can make the stroller to meet all of your particular needs.





There is no doubt, that the Phil and Teds double stroller is one of the best double strollers available due to its slim design and great manoeuvrability. It is a particularly great product to own when you have a child and you plan on another one, as a toddler and a newborn will feel comfortable and safe. However, there are few things that could have been done better, like the size and stability of the canopy, as well as the buckle strap reclining option, in order to justify the price of the stroller.

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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

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