Phil and Teds Voyager Stroller WITH Doubles Kit is one of the best double strollers you could possibly find to be used from birth until your family grows to four members. It is luxurious and versatile and of course it comes at a price. However, you would have no regrets that you have made that investment as Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller will serve you well through the years.



What will put the Phil and Teds Voyager Double Stroller on top of your best double stroller list is the fact that it is suitable for one child, two kids of different age or for twins since newborns - the configurations are endless and we will have a look at them in our Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller review

  1. Bassinet

If you have only one newborn so far, you can use the Phil & Teds Voyager Double Stroller as a single stroller with the main seat converted into a bassinet. It only takes few steps of snapping and zipping to transform the main seat into a comfortable bassinet to be used since birth. In case you are starting of with twins, then you have the possibility to do the same with the second seat and use them both as bassinets. One of them is placed parent facing and the other would be world facing.

If you are worried that mounted with two large bassinets, you won’t have access to the storage bin - worry no more. You can easily get to the storage bin and there is plenty of room for your items.


2. Car seat

If you already have a car seat available, you can get an adapter and attach it to the Phil & Teds Voyager Double Stroller frame. With a second set of adapters you will be able to attach two car seats for newborn twins in the same configuration as the bassinets - one parent facing and one world facing. The adapters are compatible with most leading car seats brands, but before you make a purchase check with Phil and Teds website.



3. Seats

As I have mentioned the seats convert into bassinets for newborns, but if your babies are already over six months old, they will find themselves sitting in a comfortable and roomy seats. The front seats can take up to 44 lbs and is 24 inches high; and the doubles kit takes up to 33 lbs with a height of the seat of 16.5 inches. Both seats are nicely padded and fitted with easy click 5-point harness for greater security. The fabric is waterproof and easy to wipe clean and the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller comes in four appealing colours. Mine is gray marble, as I find it the most practical, but the choice of colour is very personal thing anyway.



Phil and Teds Voyager Double Stroller also offers parent facing or world facing front seat with a generous canopy that has a zipped side pocket for additional storage and a second seat with a canopy that actually protects the baby from sun and can be reclined for a snoozing baby.

I wanted to underline that, because not many second seats of an inline double stroller recline, but the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller one does and it is great that both babies can have a nap while travelling with you.



Apart of the great seats, the baby's comfort is ensured by the two 8 inch front wheels with suspension and the rear 12 inch “aeromaxx” wheels. The aeromaxx wheels feel like air-filled, but actually you won’t need to pump them up ever, so this is something that shoots the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller to the top of the best double stroller list straight away.




The cool features do not end up here. Parents are spoiled with an adjustable handle, an easy to operate handbrake and a massive storage bin that not only can take up to 22 lbs of weight, but is also easy to reach even with the double kits installed.



In my opinion, the feature that makes the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller one of the best double strollers and completely blows the competition out of the water is the fact that you can fold the double stroller without needing to snap off the seats. It take a few more steps to fold it and may be 5 minutes of practice, but at the end you can fold it with the seats mounted - how cool is that?! On top of that the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller weighs only 35 lbs with the double kits installed, so is no heavier than any other double stroller.


Apart from being lightweight, thanks to its anodized aluminium frame, the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller is also very maneuverable. It is a piece of cake to take on curbs and turns, you do not need to worry about tight doors and spaces, as this is an inline double stroller and would fit any type of narrow spaces and the aeromaxx wheels will get you smoothly to any type of terrain.




There is nothing to fault the Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller for, apart from the price. It is close to one of the most expensive double strollers available, but in my honest opinion, it gives you more and will serve you well for longer. It is not only a good quality of a double stroller, but it is actually luxurious - you can feel that in every detail from the frame to the seats and even in the way it actually strolls. If you are planning to invest money into getting the best double stroller, then you should definitely consider Phil&Teds Voyager Double Stroller.

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Happy Parents, made me take the right decision when buying our first stroller for our beloved twins.

- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from

- Diana Smith