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If you need to get into shape however you might want to have the capacity to bring your children with you when you go for a bicycle ride or for a run in the park, then maybe a double bike trailer for kids maybe an awesome choice for helping you to stay fit while giving you the option to bring your children with you so they can appreciate the outdoors as well.



Whether you have one or two kiddies there is a double bike stroller that will keep your kids comfortable and protected when they follow alongside you for the journey, take a look at our review of the Schwinn double bike stroller below.



This is not just a legitimate bike trailer, but is a standout amongst the most of the best child's bicycle trailers at present. Try not to pass up a great opportunity for hitting the road with your family in style.



Despite the climate, you can even now appreciate the ride and have your children seated comfortably inside the bike trailer. When you are travelling by bicycle or going for an afternoon stroll, then this bike trailer designed for children is something to seriously consider.

The Schwinn Bike Stroller is a lightweight, easy to handle and is really easy to setup and hitch making it a breeze to take your kids on a ride with you through the countryside or on a trip out to the shops.



Product Dimensions: 61.500 L x 41.300 H x 32.500 W x 32.500 W

Shipping Weight: 30.4 pounds

Frame Material: Metal/Steel

Fits Bike Size: Standard Bike Frames

Assembly Details: Assembly required

Wheel Features: Quick Release Front Wheel as well as Quick Release Rear Wheel

Wheel Material: Rubber

Rim Material: Steel

Warranty Description: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty



The Schwinn Stroller is made with a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring the that isn’t heavy or cumbersome it also offers a lot of space for each child to sit close and securely. The bike strolleris also equipped with two 20 inch wheels to ensure the trailer can travel on even the most testing terrain.


The wheels can be easily taken off  for easy storage when the double bike stroller isn’t in use. The adaptable coupler can be used with most bicycles and this bike trailer for children consolidates a stroller unit with a swiveling front handle bar.


One of the  best things about this bike trailer is that it is so easy to assemble or disassemble. It will take around 15 minutes to assemble to you bicycle as the coupler will easily connect to most bike models. You really don’t need to be an engineer to be able to connect the bike stroller.

Another fantastic addition to the trailer is that it can be used as child carrier for a bike or as a double stroller. While using it as a double stroller it is extremely lightweight and easy to move.



To adjust from double stroller to trailer is super simple. You just basically remove the front connection to the back wheel of any bicycle and you are ready to go!  It is also super simple to switch while you are out and about, so you can for a bike ride to your destination, then disconnect them from the bike trailer and push your children around just like a conventional double stroller.



The trailer accompanies two padded saddles, a safety banner and a weight breaking point of 80 pounds. The Schwinn double bicycle stroller has a 3-point, security bridle that gives the most extreme level of safety to kids between the age one and three, up to 80 pounds combined. It has 20-inch, pneumatic tires and aluminum edges for awesome execution.

Different features of this bike carriage incorporates a 2-in-1 shelter that has a bug and climate shield that offers additional security in poor weather. There is also a recreation center brake that offers additional safety while in double stroller mode.



Product Features:

  • Speedy, lightweight double bicycle stroller with aluminum outline

  • Fast-moving 20-inch wheels with snappy discharge outline for simple stockpiling

  • Universal coupler joins rapidly and effectively to most bicycles

  • Total limit of 2 kids and 100 pounds

  • Zippered climate shield, this double child carrier has a 2 in 1 covering for assurance from the sun, climate and insects.

  • Converts into a stroller in seconds, this 2-seat, double child stroller can be immediately changed over into a stroller without the requirement for get together.

  • It is foldable and has snappy discharge wheels for easy stockpiling and transport.

  • The aluminum double child carrier has a lightweight edge for taking utmost care of one's exhaustion on a trip.

Highlights -

- Fabulous design\engineering

- Designed for two

- Value for money.

- Easy to assemble/disassemble

- All safety highlights

- Great shade with flexible sides and lower plastic windows

- Comes with all the required equipment to connect to your bicycle



With everything taken into account, the Schwinn bike stroller receives a great review from us. It is certainly something that you ought to consider purchasing in the event that you have two children whom you would like to bring with you on bike rides.



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