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So you are on the lookout for a double bike trailer for kids? If that is the case then Thule Cadence double bike stroller could be your perfect choice.

Why Thule double bike stroller?

For more than 70 years Thule has been helping you transport your little ones safely, effectively and in style. Thule strollers are sheltered, secure and smart transporters for your children. Offering you and your children a chance to share your interests, whatever the season and wherever you need to go.


The Thule double bike stroller permits you to cycle with you two kids. This ready to-go double bike stroller incorporates loft style cushion seats, 5-point tackles, and 2-in1 climate spread and a “ball-and-attachment” association for smooth turns. Creases level for storage.



Assembled Dimensions (in inches):17*21*32

Children Capacity:2

Child Weight Max:28 pounds

Shipping Weight:28


It is extremely easy to connect the arm of double bike stroller for kids to your bicycle. Simply push in the catch on the hitch arm and then slide the arm into the section until it fits properly. The hitch arm is then connected to your bicycle using the ez Hitch framework.



The ball-and-attachment latch of the double bike stroller makes a secure connection between your bicycle and the stroller. This connection ensures that the double bike stroller is secure and moves easily when you are going round corners. The hitch framework balances out your bike trailer and keeps it from pulling or pushing on your bicycle as you turn, so you and your kids have a smooth and comfortable ride.





 Safety and comfort:

The Thule Cadence Trailer is designed to ensure your children are secure and comfortable at all times. The anodized aluminum casing of the double bike trailer frames around your children and keeps their little hands and feet inside at all times. The high visibility covering makes the double bicycle stroller noticeable in low light so that drivers, people on foot, and bicycle riders can see you coming.


The bike stroller for kids also incorporates an additional long safety flag and reflectors. The tough, polyurethane-covered polyester fabric is free of  chemicals, and the UV-secured side windows are clear so that you children can see the world around them.  




The Thule Cadence double bicycle trailer keeps your kids comfortable as you travel. The loft style seat gives your littles one extra padding when the terrain is more troublesome.

You can utilize the included 2-in-1 climate cover to keep out bugs or to shield your infants from wet or blustery climate. The sunshade keeps your infants out of direct daylight and can be removed when it isn’t required.




  • The bike stroller for kids has all that you have to run for a ride with your little ones.

  • Provides a steady, smooth ride for both rider and passengers.

  • Hitch connects to your bicycle and can remain on bicycle when trailer is not being used.

  • Safe development.

  • Reflective trim and wheel reflectors make the double bike stroller more noticeable in low light.

  • Durable, polyurethane-covered polyester fabric is free of harmful substances

  • UV-secured side windows are made of sans phthalate polyurethane which gives extra protection to the skin of your children

  • Comfortable configuration.

  • Removable, 2-in-1 climate spread can be utilized as a bug or wind shield.

  • Built-in, retractable sunshade gives protection for your youngsters in strong sunshine.

  • Convenient additional items

  • Rear storage for a diaper pack or handbag



Overall, the Thule CadenceDouble Bike Trailer is a great choice for parents looking for a safe Double bike stroller for their two children. Ideally the kids will need to be under the age of 3 and the combined weight the bike stroller can hold is 80 pounds. Compared to competitor brands, this double bike stroller is a little bit cheaper but don’t let that put you off as the price might be low but the quality isn’t.

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- Danniel Allan

The buyers guide that the website provides is just what I was looking for, and not only this but, this year am buying my second stroller from bestdoublestroller.online.

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