When talking about double strollers in general, if you are imagining something bulky and heavy, you are not far from reality. Most double strollers, although made from innovative lightweight materials, have their fair share of weight and need their own storage space. With this being said, thankfully, the double umbrella strollers have been invented, just with the sole purpose of cutting down on the weight of the stroller itself and on the storage space it might need. If you are looking for a very lightweight stroller for 2 kids that are over 18 months of age, and only for trips to the park and walks around the countryside, then a umbrella stroller is exactly what you are looking for. See below on why exactly you should invest in a one of the fabulous, seat strollers.

So why are they called double umbrella strollers and what are their pros and cons in general, compared to other types of double strollers? The name of that type of strollers comes from the way they collapse - it is as easy as collapsing an umbrella and once folded the stroller becomes thin and long, same as an umbrella. This is the main feature that not only defines the name, but also what makes the baby strollers the best choice for parents who really need a lightweight double stroller and do not want to compromise on storage space.

Another great thing about the umbrella strollers is that most of them, once folded can be stored upright, so that cuts down on storage space even more. There are some models that come with a comfortably placed handle, so that the parents can easily lift up and carry the stroller around. In this sense, the double umbrella strollers is a great choice for parents who travel a lot and need a compact and lightweight baby stroller to easily fold and fit into the back of the car. It is also a great choice for families who live in the city, small apartments and need a stroller that would be easy to handle around the city center or in the public transport.
As Double Umbrella strollers go, the Guzzie+Guss is one of the most stylish. As with all Umbrella strollers it is very simple to fold away and carry “umbrella style” . It has an extendable seat and leg rest ensuring your little ones are as comfortable as possible as they grow a little taller. Check out our review below.
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The Delta side by side double Umbrella Stroller is another lightweight stroller that is designed like an umbrella when folded so that you can easily carry it should your toddler's decide they are bored in the stroller and want to walk. The double umbrella stroller can be easily placed in the trunk of the car without taking any room at all.
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Having said that, you should know that all double umbrella strollers come with fairly small wheels in comparison to other types of double strollers, which on one hand is a good thing, as it helps the easy storage, but on the other hand doesn’t help the stroller cope with tough terrains like sandy or icy surfaces. Of course, all stroller brands are competing in finding a solution for that matter and come up with new innovative materials to make the wheels of and get their product the perfect all terrain double umbrella stroller.

Despite the efforts of the manufacturers, most double umbrella strollers come with plastic wheels and if you have been unlucky enough to have one of them crack, you will have to ask for a replacement part. In this sense, when you are looking for the best double umbrella stroller to fit your needs, always pay attention to the warranty of the stroller itself and the parts separately and also get interested in the manufacturer’s parts replacement policy.

Mostly due to the small and plastic wheels that they are fitted with, the seat strollers don't have a great ability to absorb bumps. This is the reason that makes parents of newborns to go for different type of double stroller, but choose the double umbrella stroller for toddlers or as a secondary stroller to use on day trips and during vacations. What is also a big plus of the fantastic umbrella strollers is the fact that the seats are always placed side-by-side. The great thing with this is, when you are dealing with two opinionated toddlers that otherwise might be fighting on who sits at the front or the back of a stroller. The main issue with side by side strollers is the amount of room you have to manoeuvre the seat stroller. If you are planning taking the little ones out to the super store, you might want to think twice about taking a side by side stroller, and the alley ways are a real struggling to get down, especially with other shoppers coming up and down with the food trolleys. You might want to give that nightmare a wide berth (pardon the pun) and we are speaking from experience!
Here we have the Kolcraft side by side double umbrella stroller. It is pretty cheap compared to some other competitors but that by no means takes away the quality. It has independent reclining seats and expandable cover canopies to keep your children protected during harsh weather. Take a better in depth look at our review below.
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The Zoe Xtra lightweight double umbrella stroller is touted as being one, if not the most, lightweight double umbrella stroller on the market. Weighing in at an incredible 16lbs! As you can imagine, it is extremely easy to fold away when it's not in use and another great addition is the lifetime warranty Zoe offer if the stroller is broken. Check out our full review below.
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A another useful tip for parents who want to prolong the life of their double umbrella stroller and have kids with different weight, is to swap the places of the two little ones every now and then an this way distribute the pressure on the frame and wheels of the stroller equally. Like every product the double umbrella strollers have their pros and cons, but if you have already decided that this is the type of stroller you want to go for then you know you will have a lightweight double seat stroller that is easy to collapse, carry around and store even in a small car trunk. We advise the best time to use the seat strollers are when you are out and about, maybe going to the park or on a short walk, therefore, if the kids what to run about, you can literally fold the baby stroller in seconds, and carry it like an umbrella, until the kids become tired. Other times we think it a good idea to have such a lightweight baby stroller is if you are thinking of going to the beach, or a day trip. As mentioned earlier, they are really easy to place in the trunk of the car and store away, the only downside, you cannot place the car seat on them like other double strollers, but they are not designed for newborns, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

When you go through any double umbrella stroller reviews, it is a good idea to pay attention on what is the maximum weight that each seat can take, the size of the canopies and the storage bin underneath the stroller, because at the end you need to carry not only the kids, but all their baby gear as well, including toys and extra clothes should the weather take a turn for the worse. Normally the strollers are equipped with a rain cover to keep the little ones dry when it starts to rain, but some umbrella strollers don’t and you have to purchase the cover separately, so it's definitely something to keep your eyes on when looking to make a purchase.

The biggest plus of almost all baby strollers, whether it is a single or double stroller is their price. You can easily find the best double umbrella stroller to suit your needs for under $200 and that is what makes them convenient to become a second or replacement stroller. If you had enough of lifting and wondering where to store your big bulky double stroller, then you will feel a great relief and actually enjoy taking your little ones out for a walk, on day trips to amusement parks or even just down to the grocery store.
The Chicco double umbrella stroller is everything you need when you are looking for a lightweight double stroller. It is easy to fold away, easy to carry and made really well to ensure your babies are secure when being transported on your daily excursions. As will all Chicco products, you can almost guarantee quality. Please see below for our detailed review.
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The Combi “Fold N’ Go” double umbrella stroller is extremely lightweight and perfect for afternoon strolls in the park and is extremely easy to fold up and carry is the little ones decide they would rather walk. Check out our full review here.
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We have prepared detailed reviews on some of the best double umbrella strollers available on the market right now and we hope to help you find the one that combines quality and value and turns out to be the right for you and your babies. We have carefully selected six of the best umbrella strollers currently on the market. The brands we have included are Guzzie and Guss Twice Double Umbrella Stroller, Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller, Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller, Zoe XL2 Xtra Lightweight Double Stroller, Chicco Echo Twin Stroller and last but not least, the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller. We have carefully selected the said umbrella strollers from a wide range of other products. Each stroller we have added has been through vigorous testing with at least 2 sets of parents. Each of the strollers have stood up to the test and not only stood up to it, but exceeded everything we threw at them.

If you select one of our double umbrella strollers, you can be almost certain that it will not fall apart while you are out and about with the little ones. We have tested around 20 different brands and models, and believe it or not, with 5 of them, they broke on the very first outing! We are always trying and testing the newest baby strollers every time one comes to the market, and as always, we will only add the ones that we feel are the best ones for the mommies and daddies. We carefully base the reasoning on price, durability, maneuverability and possibly the biggest, most important factor is your child's comfort.

Check out our very detailed reviews below on each product and hopefully you can find the best baby stroller to suit your needs. We have not only selected the best one on the current market, but also tried to add them so at least one stroller suit suit everybody. We really hope you like our reviews and if you want to check the price out, simply click on the “check current price” green button, either below on on the review itself and you will be redirected to Amazon and offered the best price available.

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