There are a lot of double strollers out there that would satisfy the needs of families with twins or siblings with a small age gap, but how about those families where the children have a slightly bigger age difference? Do they have to get a single stroller for the baby and just let the toddler walk right next to it? Of course, but we all know what happens when the toddler gets tired of walking. Here is when a sit and stand double stroller could turn into a lifesaver.

When the sit and stand double strollers were first offered at the market parents didn’t know a lot about them and just kept on with the different task to take a baby and a toddler out for a walk and just rush home when the toddler got tired. Nowadays things are different, the sit and stand double strollers are widely known and there are a lot of parents that can’t even imagine their daily life without one.

After this little introduction, you already know that the sit and stand double strollers were especially designed for families with kids with an age gap from 2 to 5 years. The design includes a frame with a seat for the baby at the front and a platform where the toddler can ride standing or it can quickly turn into a bench if the toddler wants to sit while you push the stroller around. The best feature of the sit and stand double strollers, apart from the smart design, is that they are lightweight and very easy to fold and unfold in order to put them in, or take them out from the car.

Because of their affordable price, a lot of families actually use them as a second, easy to put in the car stroller and they have a single or a sturdier double stroller to use as a main one. Usually , the sit and stand double strollers come with a seat for the baby at the front and offer the ability to attach a car seat if your baby is newborn. Some models even include the option to attach the car seat at the back in a parent facing position and let your toddler ride at the front of the stroller. Other models offer you the option to turn the platform into a proper seat for your toddler instead of just getting them to sit on a bench. If you are interested in the ability of the stroller to take a car seat at the back or at the front, please do not hesitate to check out the full review we have prepared of one of the best sit and stand double strollers - the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra . If you think that your toddler would like to have their own seat, than do not miss out on the full review of the Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem Stroller
Here is one of the best sit and stand strollers on the market and it features every little girl’s favorite Hello Kitty! The sit n stand stroller comes with all the features of other products and to take a more detailed look, please refer to our review below.
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The Graco sit and stand stroller is packed with features. It has an adjustable front seat and can hold other Graco products such as car seats for newborns. It also features an one hand latch the enables you to fold the stroller in a matter of seconds. To see our full review of all the features please click the link below.
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The conclusion is that there are quite a lot of different sit and stand double strollers available at the market right now to really satisfy the needs of the modern parents, so when you are on the hunt for the best sit and stand double stroller you have to have few things in mind in order to pick the right one.

First and the most important is the age gap of your babies. As we have already mentioned, if you will be using a car seat for newborn, you need to be on a look out for a model that has this option, as usually this type of strollers come with a regular seat to be used when the little one is able to sit on its own.

Second important thing to know about the sit and stand double strollers is that they are not heavy all-terrain double strollers. In this sense, you have to bare in mind the terrain in the area where you live. More like the double umbrella strollers , the sit and stand ones are fitted with small plastic wheels and do not have a lot of suspension, so if you think that the ride might be bumpy, but at the same time the sit and stand double stroller is your lifesaver, then just be careful to chose one that comes with the best possible wheel suspension.

A lot of storage space - this is what every parent wants when they are taking out their little ones for a walk. The sit and stand double strollers in general offer quite a lot of storage space. They are fitted with a big storage bin under the seats and some models come with snack trays and cup holders for the kids and even some offer parent organizers. It depends of course on the brand and the model, some may come included and some might be offered to purchase separately, but the good thing is that the options are always there.
The Joovy Caboose Ultralight sit and stand stroller is another fantastic model from the fabulous Joovy. It’s slick design and the ability to have 2 children of different ages “ride” on the stroller. Check out our full review below.
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The famous Joovy has another masterpiece on their hands with the “Caboose” Sit n Stand stroller. If you can think of a way to seat your children this Sit n Stand stroller probably features it. There is too many features to go into on this short review, so if you want to see more, please click our detailed review below.
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Last, but not least, of course is the comfort and security of both of your babies and in order to make sure of it your choice of sit and stand double stroller has to include large comfortable seats and secure harnesses. Always check the padding on the seats, as this is particularly important when we are talking about stroller with small wheels and not as great suspension as the double jogging strollers offer for instance. The harness is also an important feature and in the case of the sit and stand double strollers the rear seat or the so called platform where your toddler is going to ride has to offer at least a security strap if not a 3 point harness.

All sit and stand strollers offer canopies for the front seat and in most cases they are big enough to protect the little one riding at the front, and even the one at the back, from the sun. However, if you live in an area where the weather is not nice and sunny almost all the time, than you will just need to wrap up the two kids well, as the canopies of the sit and stand strollers are not designed to protect from wind and rain. Of course, you would still be able to find rain covers sold separately if needed.

In general, the sit and stand double strollers are a great option for families growing two kids with an age gap of over 2 years. They are lightweight, easy to handle and they come at very affordable prices. If you are already sold on the sit and stand double strollers, we invite you to have a look at the full reviews we have prepared of some of the best models available at the moment, so that you can make an informed choice and really be able to pick the one that will best suit your needs.

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