Here is another one of the double jogging stroller reviews we have prepared for you and this is the Tike Tech Double City double jogging stroller. It is aimed for active parents who like taking walks around town with their little ones, but at the same time keep fit by jogging with the babies in the park. This is not one of the cheapest double strollers that you could invest in on the market and there is good reason for that, the double stroller is awesome! We have added this detailed article so that you can have a closer look at what you are getting for the your money with the Tike Tech double stroller!


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The Tike Tech Double City is a double jogging stroller with probably the best front swiveling wheels available that measure 9 inch a piece and come equipped for any terrain and the rear ones measure 12 inches. The wheels are aluminium with rubber pneumatic tires that are very similar to a bicycle wheels. This is great as it provides smoother ride for your babies and makes the double jogging stroller handle all type of terrains, but to be honest the front wheel feels a little bit wobbly even when it is locked in position for jogging.




There are some inexpensive double strollers that come with a more stable front wheels, but unfortunately with less features than the Tike Tech jogging stroller.



Usually, the bigger pneumatic wheels provide better maneuverability to the double stroller and in the case of the Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller it is so to a certain point where compared to BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller or Baby Jogger it can’t take turns so smoothly and sometimes you might tip the double stroller sideways when taking a turn.


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However, this is the feel I have only because I am comparing it to other double jogging strollers, but it seems that if the Tike Tech is your first double stroller then you will actually find it extemely maneuverable and easy to roll while you are out and about.


There is also another feature that is a bit controversial and this is the aluminium frame. I find it to be a great feature as it makes the Tike Tech one of the
best lightweight jogging strollers, but some moms complained about the frame being so flexible that they feel like the stroller can go out of control sometimes when going faster than cruise control. I guess this depends on the type of terrain you are rolling the stroller on, but when I am jogging in the park and I have the front wheel locked I do not feel like the double stroller adds to my workout :)

What adds in a way to the maneuverability of the double jogging stroller is the fact that it is wide just enough to fit through a standard doorway, so you can use it not only for jogging, but for shopping and walks around the town center. The Tike Tech Double city jogging stroller also features a rubberized, adjustable handle and a parent's tray with two cupholders and built in speakers that can be hooked up to almost all MP3 players and phones. Another great feature are the individual kid’s trays that swing open,  fitted with cupholders as well.


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The kid’s seats are roomy and take up to 50 lbs each. They come with machine washable sheepskin liner that will keep your babies warm on cold days, but you have to take off when it’s hot. The fabric underneath the liners is easy to wipe clean, but there has been complaints that it tares off with time. The seats are also equipped with a 5-point safety harness and a one hand recline strap system that allows about 130 degrees back recline. I would have expected to have a full recline, but unfortunately this is not the case. The babies still feel comfortable when taking a nap, but the lack of full recline just takes the Tike Tech Double stroller off the chart for an awesome double stroller.


tech 4



Another small downfall is the brake or in this case the brakes, as they are double foot brakes and need both sides to be engaged so that the double stroller can be secured in place. This is particularly annoying for parents who already have enough with one foot brake hard to hit and release when in flip flops or sandals.

What makes it up in a way is the fact that the Tike Tech Double Jogging Stroller doesn’t take a lot of storage space and it would fit easily into almost every car trunk. Folding it requires both hands pushing on buttons on both sides, which some parents might find odd, compared to one hand fold offered by competitors, but on the other hand provides greater safety.




Another feature that somewhat makes up for the design flaws of the Tike Tech stroller are the individual canopies. They are of an average size that wouldn’t cover the kids completely from the sun, but a fair part of them. The canopies have small peek-a-boo windows and plastic shades, so the communication between parents and babies is good at all times.


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